Thursday 31 March 2011

Shattered Grounds: Thundercliff Peaks Rules, Cards + Story are up

As it says,
The Shattered Grounds: Thundercliff Peaks rules, story and cards are now up on the Privateer Press main page.
Or for the exact page try HERE

We have the
Order Form
SG Thundercliff Peaks Cards
SG Thundercliff Peaks Story
SG Thundercliff Peaks Rules
Shattered Grounds 2011 General rules
(click any of the above to open)

Remeber to register at Privateer Press Events to play and join your local league.
And venues also need to be registered here before they can order. Dont forget, Important!

North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics will be running SG Thundercliff peaks, as will Mad for Miniatures

Please download any of these you need.
The next SG league runs from April 18th to May 15th. (NCBB will be Apr 21st to May 12th)

More info on those soon......

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