Monday 28 March 2011

New Khador Man 'o' Wars Coming! Bombardiers aswell?

This has just been posed on the PP forums

Originally Posted by Warsmith_Ckaile (PP Forum Member)

I was just glancing through the new No Quarter and noticed something odd on page 45. Looking at the picture in the bottom left I noticed that the Man-o-Wars looked "different". Being the suspicious and paranoid person I am I went to the Gallery to confirm. The arm on the leader is different, the arm poses on the troopers are slightly different, the basing on the models are different, and the shoulder pads are slightly different with the most noticeable thing being the bolt in the inside corner of the pad being bigger.
Could this be a sneak preview of new, possibly plastic, Man-o-Wars?

Almost instant reply from PPS_Jen (PP staff member)

Those are pre-production resin sculpts of new Man-o-War Demolition Corps for the studio.
No, I do not have a street date for them or the Bombardiers. :)

The actual thread can be found HERE -

What do you make of it?

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