Saturday 5 March 2011

NCBB Windless Wastes: The Finale ..... and more!

The end has come. Night 4 of Windless Wastes has finished at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics.
As usual, all the info on the Shattered Grounds leagues can be found at Privateer Press Events

People do allsorts of things for the last night of a league. We had an inter-club challenge.
The Iron Kings team came down to us from Rygas Roughnecks in Exeter.
Fred, Craig, Tom and Dave.
I must say thanks very much to them for this. It wasnt a short journey. Over and hour!
Everyone had great fun playing them and we will be visiting thier club as soon as we can arrange it.
They are also trying to talk us into entering a team into the Maelstrom Games ECT (European Team Championship) Will see who I can convince

The last night was played at 35pts. And you can play as many games as you like. A fight for the win!
Unfortunatley a couple of people coudnt play. Cal, Rich and Claire.
Seeing this left us with an odd number, I also dropped out of the last night so it was a 4 on 4 fight!

Last weeks league ladder looked like this-
Col - Cryx - 69
Andy - Cygnar - 67
Steve - Cryx - 64
Cal - Minions - 52
Benn - Khador - 48
Ian - Mercs - 43
Claire - Menoth - 24
Rich - Khador - 24

After all the games were played there were a couple of awards to be announced.
The scenery comp was won by Rich and Claire for a frozen lake and swamp. (That I forgot to get pics of, will next week)
They each won a faction patch of thier choice. Choosing Khador and Menoth
Then there was the Sportsmanship award. A bonus 5 points for the player voted the most sporting.
And the winner was.................well, Me!
But I think thats because I gave the win points to anyone who played me.

Onto the results. In reverse order-
Claire - Menoth - 24
Rich - Khador - 24
Ian - Mercs - 48
Cal - Minions - 52
Ben - Khador - 62
Steve - Cyrx - 76
Col - Cryx - 83
Andy - Cygnar - 87

So Andrew was the club winner with 87 points using his Cygnar. Taking home the league coin. (shown at top of post)

Map points wernt very spread out on the last night. Everyone wanted to take or hold certain areas.
Souther Scarsfell - Cygnar 4
Uldenfrost - Cryx 5
Thelborn - Cryx 1, Khador 3

This didnt change the map too much but did add afew %s again.
Cygnar held Southern Scarsfell going from 26% to 28%
Cryx stayed second in Uldenfrost but gained another 2% giving them 23%. Could take it still!
Thelborn stayed under Khador control sticking with a steady 24%

The map can been seen live at Privateer Press Events
Cygnar seem to be the best bet for the win at the moment. And theres only 24 hours left to play.
Although Khador are right behind them in Vikban Bluffs. And if they take the lead they can steal the win on the last day.

A great league for our first time. Cant wait for the next one.

And the next league is

Thundercliff Peaks - April 18th to May 15th (April 21st @ NCBB)
The fluff will  be mainly Legion of Everblight, Retribution of Scyrah and the Seaforge Commission.
We already have 7 players signed up and still a possible 4 or 5 at NCBB
The rules will be changed a little though. The games will be a MAX of 50pts. Makes it more accessible to new players and still gives them a fighting chance.

There is also talk of Mad for Miniatures in St.Austell wanting to play this league aswell but at thier location on a different night of the week.
Will see how much interest there is on the next Demo night on March 18th

As for Demo nights, I will be running 2 this month.
MfM on Friday March 18th
And a second one at TAGS Trelawneys Armies Gaming Society in Truro on March 24th

And to finish off todays blog and the league, Privateer Press showed this nice little picture this week.
Sneak Peek previews of the concept art for the HORDES BATTLE ENGINES!!!!!!
What do you think they are?

My personnal thoughts are - Trollbloods treburget, Legion giant beast and Circle forest walk 'Stargate'

Thats all for now people.
May the dice gods smile upon you!

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