Sunday 17 April 2011

Thundercliff Peaks, New from Privateer and more....

Its Shattered Grounds time again. Thundercliff peaks!
The map and all rules can be found at Privateer Press Events
The league goes live from tomorrow until May 15th.

There are 2 running in Cornwall UK this time around at

North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics (NCBB) and
Mad for Miniatures(MfM), Mid Cornwall Gaming Club

The MfM league started this friday.
Seeing there arequite afew new players its keeping to the Battlebox or 15 point games.
10 games each ending in a Battlebox tournament. All count as 15 point games so its 2 point for playing and 1 for winning.

Night 1 went really well.
The league ladder started as so-
1. Richard
2. Lisa
3. Ian
4. Darren
5. Hannah
6. Andrew
7. Matt
8. Steve
9. Anj
10. Claire
11. Luke

2 of each Warmachine Battleboxes, 1 Legion of Everblight, 1 Talion Charter Mercs (I like to be different) and 1 Retribution of Scyrah.

After 2 games each the ladder now stands at
1. Darren - 6
2. Andrew - 6
3. Matt - 6
4. Steve - 6
5. Anj - 6
6. Hannah - 5
7. Claire - 5
8. Rich - 4
9. Ian - 4
10. Lisa - 2
11. Luke - 2
12. Mark - 0

Ok ok. I lost both my games. But had great fun with a new Warmachine + Hordes community doing it.
(Damn Lylyth and Feora!)

Next week Im lined up to play Rich and Anj. Both Khador. Going to hurt I think!

The NCBB league also starts next week. Full rules can be found HERE
Cant wait. I do like 50pts of screaming Pirates charging half way across the board on turn 1!!!!
Will also add the second part to the 2011 league patch.

Cornwalls first official Steamroller tournament is becoming very popular already.
Only a couple of places left. Get in there quick if you want to play. June 4th at Mad for Miniatures

all info can be found in my last Blog Post

New from Privateer Press
Got 3 new previews to show you this week. And also the list of whats coming in JULY!

First off we have Kommander Harkevich. Khadors new Warcaster in Warmachine: Wrath
Furry hat, goggles, big beard and a Steam Mace just equal WIN to me!

Next is Harkevich's new Character Warjack - Black Ivan

Its an upgrade kit to the plastic Warjack kit. Looks amazing. That claw looksreal mean and the face seems to be saying 'I gona crush you!' I can see the shoulder spikes being added to many more Khador Jacks aswell.

The final pic is for Cryx. The new Bane Thralls Unit Resculpt
Stunning! Just.....WOW! Thats about all I can say about them really.

And to finish off today we have the July Releases taken from TGN. Check out the link to the left >>>

  • PIP 31078 Cygnar Storm Strider Battle Engine (white metal and resin) – $84.99
  • PIP 31091 Cygnar Gallant Heavy Warjack Character Upgrade Kit (white metal) – $13.99
  • PIP 32085 Protectorate of Menoth Blood of Martyrs Heavy Warjack Character Upgrade Kit (white metal) – $13.99
  • PIP 33087 Khador Black Ivan Heavy Warjack Character Upgrade Kit (white metal) – $14.99
  • PIP 34093 Cryx Erebus Helljack Character Upgrade Kit (white metal) – TBD*
  • PIP 41083 Mercenary Warcaster Captain Damiano (white metal) – TBD*
  • PIP 71064 Trollblood Trollkin Scattergunner Officer & Standard Unit Attachment (white metal) – TBD*
  • PIP 75036 Minion Targ Character Solo (white metal) – $13.99
  • PIP 50035C Monsterpocalypse DMZ Battle Miniatures Game Expansion – $239.94
No Quarter
  • PIP NQ37 No Quarter Magazine #37 – $7.50
Being a Merc player I cant wait to see what Damiano will look like. And what he will do.
And being a Minion players Im looking forward to Targ aswell. Think he may be a Farrow. Same name as Dr.Arkadius's assisstant in the story from Forces of Hordes: Legion of Everblight.
Could he also be the Farrow in the back of Dr.As artwork? Ohhh I hope so!

Monsterpocalypse DMZ (Dangerous Monster Zone) also has me excited.
PP are going from random pack collectible to open pack models. Now you can buy exactly what you want.
My Martian Menace and Planet Eaters (out of the new 2 player starter sets from my amazing wife) are awaiting reinforcements.
I hope it will also draw more attention to the game and get some new players interested.
Cant wait to smash more cities!!!

Thats all for today now folks.
Too many pictures in this post? Maybe
Do I think they all look great? Yes!

May your random number generator cubes do you well. (Better than mine did me this week anyway)

Cheers all

PG hendybadger

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