Saturday 9 April 2011

Shattered Ground: Thundercliff Peaks @ NCBB , Legion Battle Engine + More

Shattered Ground: Thundercliff Peaks will soon be starting at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics gaming club. Our first night will be April 21st.
We will be using the main Shattered Grounds rules. They can be found a couple of blog posts down, on Privateer Press or on Privateer Events.
But with a couple of small alterations.

Games played at the club count towards you league score. If you cant make a club night then we will arrange something else so you dont fall behind.

Games are not to be played against the same person twice in a roe on a club night.

50pts will be the max points limit. You can play more but will only get the league points for a 50pts game.
(This is to give the people with smaller collections an equal chance of winning)

Any games played outside of club hours will not count towards you league score but will count as a map point if 35pts or over.

The player thats lower down the league ladder picks the map area to be played at AND the points size of the game.

Combat Engineer Commendation
The get the Commendation you need to create 1 peice of scenery for the club to be used in Warmachine and Hordes games. This is to be finished by the last night of the league.
The best piece will be voted on by all players and thw winner will get 2 official Factions patches of thier choice.

Battle Dressed Comendation
To gain this commendation you need to paint 1 unit during the course of the league

Participation Patches
Each player will recieve the sceond part of the 2011 Shattered Grounds participation patch.

Sportsmanship award
On the final night each player will vote for the person they consider to be the best sportsman during the league. The winner recieves a bonus 3 league points!

Final Night
The final night will be a selection of 4/5 player 'Thunderdome' games. Each to count as a multi player 35pt game.
The rules are here-

Warcaster Thunderdome is a 4-player format.

Each player’s army consists of three Warcasters/Warlocks from the same faction. Each Warcaster/Warlock choice can only ever bring one model to the table. No Halfjacks, no Keg Carrier, only one Coven member, Goreshade has no feat, etc. Yes, this makes some casters a bad choice in the format.
The Warcasters are considered to be each others battlegroup.
The field of play is 36" on each side. Deployment zones are a 10" bubble at each corner. There is a 12" hill in the center of the board, and an 8" impassable wall extends from the center of each edge toward the center of the board.
Models cannot be healed and cannot regenerate power fields in any way. Once damage is inflicted, it cannot be removed.

Warlocks use the mechanics for Focus instead of Fury– they gain their full Fury value at the start of the turn, and overcharge instead of transferring. Warcaster Thunderdome is intended to be a very fast format.
While there are no timed turns per se, players should be punished with badgering and verbal abuse if they play slowly or waste time strategizing. Plan on your opponent’s turn– when it’s your go, GO!

Mutators (Optional)
At the start of the first player’s turn each round, roll a D6, and immediately execute the according mutator:

1- Immediately push each model 3" toward the center of the table (closest models first to avoid logjams).
2- Models generate two additional focus/fury this round. Immediately put two focus/fury on each model.
3- Each player selects one warcaster/warlock he controls. That model may use its feat this round without “expending” its use of the feat, even if it has already been used.
4- Upkeep spells have no effect this round (though they remain in play and can be upkept).
5- Models gain one additional initial attack this round, ignoring rate of fire.
6- LOS is restricted to 8" this round. Models cannot ignore LOS when attacking.

So, What do you think?
You ready to play?

Legion of Everblight, Thorne of Everblight Battle Engine
Yesterday Privateer Press showed the world the new Concept art for the Legion of Everblight, Throne of Everblight Battle Engine

Now thats creepy. I like it!

The planning for the first ever Cornish Steamroller Tournament is going well. June 4th at Mad for Miniatures.
Will update with more info when we have it.

A couple of others idea have been flaoting around aswell.
Both from the PGs around the world

1) The EPIC FAIL tournament
You create the worst possible list you can. The when playing a game you swap armies with your opponent and try to make your army lose.
The winner is the person that has the army with the most losses.

2) the Acheivement Unlocked tournament
Each player has a list of situations, rolls, things to do in game etc. Each has a points value.
Just like collecting achievements on an Xbox game you try and get as many as possible during your games.
The winner is the one with the most points at the end.

What do you think of those then?

Thats all for today people.

May your random number generator cubes do you well


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