Saturday 9 April 2011

KERNOW-MACHINE!! Cornwalls First Official Warmachine + Hordes Tournamnet.

Its finally here. KERNOW-MACHINE!!!!
Cornwall first official Warmachine and Hordes Steamroller Tournament.

WHERE - Mad for Miniatures, the Market House, St.Austell, Cornwall

WHEN- June 4th, 10am start

WHAT - Steamroller Warmachine + Hordes tournament.

This event will use the official Steamroller 2011 rules. Can be found at Privateer Press in the Organised Play section or downloaded directly HERE (click to download)

There will be
16 player places available
4 rounds which all will play in
4 different scenarios, 1 per round
Baseline painting requirements
Baseline victory requirements
Baseline final standings

The entry fee will be £10 per person
(To be paid beforehand. So we can get the pack out and army lists returned)

1st - SR 1st place Certificate + Coin. £35 Mad for Miniatures voucher
2nd- SR 2nd place Certificate + Coin. £25 MfM voucher
3rd - SR 3rd place Certificate + Coin. £15 MfM voucher

Best Painted - £15 MfM voucher
Best Sportsmanship - £10 MfM voucher

What you will need
- 2 legal 35 point armys lists from the same Faction. Each to be used in atleast 1 round.
(to be submitted before hand)
- The models for above lists (obviously)
- 1 Objective marker on a 50mm base and 1 Flag marker on a 40mm base.
- The Steamroller 2011 rules
- Templates,Tape Measure, Dice, and Tokens you will need for you games.
- Lunch or some money to get lunch. (Lots of places to eat close by)

For more information or to take part in this event please contact me (Ian PG hendybadger) at

Hope you rlooking forward to it!
I know I am!


  1. I could be up for this. Need to check my work pattern for June.

    *Paid= payed

  2. Ideal. Let me know.

    Good catch on the 'paid'. Knocked myself out afew days ago and my spelling has been all over the place since

  3. Cornwall is a little far, but I wish you guys all the best; from the Livingston group of WM/H players.

  4. Thanks for that Krodar.
    Only 2 places left now.

    And just been posted on the latest Guts n Gears podcast


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