Sunday 3 April 2011

Cornish Steamroller Tournament + Warmachine News

Could this be the first Steamroller Tournament in Cornwall?
As far as I know, yes!
The Cornish Steamroller!!!!!!!
(I promise to think up a better name for it though)

Its still only in the planning stages but at the moment we are looking at-

Standard Steamroller rules - can be found by clicking HERE or downloading them from the Privateer Press main site

Sat June 4th
Mad for Miniatures
35 points, 2 lists (each to be used atleast once)
Untimed 4 rounds. (Everyone gets 4 games)
4 SR2011 Scenarios
16 places available
Baseline painting, Victory and Final standings
£10 entry fee

The prizes will be added to but these are what we are starting with-
1st- Certificate, SR Coin, MfM voucher £?
2nd - Certificate, SR Coin, MfM voucher £?
3rd - Certificate, SR Coin, Mfm voucher £?
Best Painted - ?
Sportsmanship - ?

As you can see its still in the planning stages. The final setup and prize list will be posted as soon as we have it.

Whats the Warmachine news then????
(yes I heard you)

First off we have the Retribution of Scyrah Heavy Rifle Team

The cannons used by the heavy rifle teams of the houseguard are deadly effective pieces of Iosan ordnance. The heavy rifle crews are adept at picking apart enemies from well across the battlefield, and the heavy bolts fired by their cannons can penetrate thick armor with appalling ease.

I love it! I have been umming and ahhhing about restarting my RoS force. But this makes me want to go for it. I want to take things down with a real big gun!. (But hope I never face it!)
The rules can also be found in the current issue of No Quarter #35.

Next up we have a nice scale shot of the Cryx Wraith Engine and the Cygnar Storm Strider from Adepticon 2011
Being next to a selection of different models it really shows the pure size of these creations. They are HUGE! Cant wait until I start to see them on the field of battle,

On a personnal note Im still having abit of Faction ADD. And SMS (shiny model syndrome)
Currently Im working on
Mercs: Talion Charter , almost 150pts of Pirates. 1 unit and 3 Jacks left to get. Until Wrath anyway
Cryx: Pirates. Just gained my Casters to add to my undead pirate units
Minions: Blindwater Gators. Nice size of around 35 pts at the mo. So many more I want though.
Minions: Thornfall Farrow. Just started but cant wait to 'Let slip the HOGS of war!'

And in the planning stages
Mercs: Searforge Dwarves + afew other Mercs to play about with Four Star and Highborn

And to finish off, I discovered this week I have a couple of high ranking PP/Cerberus staff readers. Hello to you!

May you random number generator cubes please you.

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