Tuesday 16 June 2015

Building a Batcave!

As you may have guessed by now, I'm getting hooked on making boards for the Batman Minis game.
So far there are 2 cities, an industrial district and a dockyard and asylum to come.
Then Ian Alcock posted this up in the Arkham City Limits Facebook group...........

A Batcave! Yes!
After seeing Ian's picture my mind started to wander off thinking about what I would add to a Batcave board and how I would make it work.
Using Ian's idea as a base, I'll start off with the same materials. Polystyrene, expanding foam, a 3x3 board and some MDF.
I want to end up with a multi level board with walkways, pillars, platforms and a ground floor. Batclaws and flight will be great but I also wan't to make sure all model can get to all areas.

There are a few features I really want to include -
A tall pillar with landing pad for the Batwing.
An armoured door at the side of the board for the panic room.
Some water coming in a few inches from one edge for a couple of Bat Boats.
A large and low level rockpile with large platform on for multiple Batmobiles.
A road leading from the Batmobile parking to a cave at the board edge.
Stairs to Wayne Manor in one corner.
A trophy platform with some of the classics on like a giant T-Rex, playing card and penny.
A Batcomputer platform with Robin's costume in a glass case and maybe another Batsuit as well.
If I can fit it in, I would also love to add an area on the ground floor for the Bat Tank.

The usual street lights and sewers aren't really going to work in this setting.
Instead of street lights, I'm going for some dome shaped lights mounted in the floors.
Instead of sewers, access hatches in the walkways and platforms should do the same job.

I'm going to need to gather together a few things for this though.
 Eaglemoss Batmobiles and Batwing from the Automobilia range.

Heroclix Bat utility belt with case (or two) and a Robin Costume,

 The new Super Computer screens and chair from Multiverse Gaming

WargamesTournaments Necromunda scenery set.
Plus a T-Rex, playing card and giant penny.

After all that I hope Knight Models come out with some more Court of Owls Talons and Batman's Thrasher armour.

So, that's the plan at the moment. What do you think?
Is there anything you would add or remove?

I'm off to convince my wife I have somewhere to store it!
- Hendybadger


  1. An awesome idea, even if it wasn't usable as a game board. I'm looking forward to see how you progress with this!

    1. It will probably be a few weeks until I can get everything together, but I want to get it started ASAP.

  2. This is going to look fantastic!


  3. Night of the owls wishlist= very good idea :D please hope knight models are as smart as you

    1. There are some Talons out this month, but I really hope they add more soon.

  4. Now this is something I'm looking forward to seeing from both of you, an excellent idea and if done correctly would be a 'show stopper'.

    1. I hope so. If it works, I want to take it to games cons.

  5. Another gorgeous looking table! It is a great idea and will give you plenty of different environments to play on.

    1. This one should be fun. Not sure how modular I want to make it yet though.

  6. Ambitious project mate. Best of luck with it its a grand idea and I'm sure you can pull it off :)

    1. There have been some 'updates' to the project. More on that soon. ;)

  7. gonna mod this to make the Bat armor:


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