Tuesday 9 June 2015

Review - Multiverse Gaming Corners Apartments, Street Lights and Sewers

Recently I received a great parcel from Mutiverse Gaming. Some samples of their new Dark City 30 MDF terrain range. A 3 floor Corner Apartment Building and a set of Street Lights and Sewer covers.

It's taken me a little while to get the post together due to issues mentioned in a recent post, but I can finally review these lovely kits!

First off, lets take a look at the sheets these parts come on.
In the top image, the parts on the far right are window sills and wall bracers. The second image has a small row of window details.
The 5th picture below was something I hadn't seen in MDF kits before. This 'grey board' is a thinner and lighter sheet used for extra details.

The parts came out of these sheets really easily. There were very small tabs on them to hold them in place, but they were taken out really quickly with a craft knife. They didn't even need cleaning up afterwards.

The Street Lights come in several parts. Most of them though are stacked on the main pole to create the light and case around it at the top. Very simple to put together and everything was a great fit.

The floors of the building were quite simple to arrange. As a corner building, it has 5 walls and the parts for each floor are all on a single sheet together. No getting mixed up with similar parts this way which is great.

One of my favourite things about this kit was fairly simple but very effective. Each floor comes with bracers that fit over the tops of the wall joints. Where with other kits I have had to hold or clamp parts together while they dry, these bracers do the job for you while also adding extra strength to the building.

Once the floors were dry, I found that they stack really nicely. Each slips onto the one below without being forced but due to the size of the pegs, they don't slip or move around at all.
The 'grey board' details with this kit really do add a nice touch. Edging bricks, window frames and door details pair with the window sills and small sill toppers to make a building that really stands out against its competitors.

The street lights and sewers are very nicely sized. As it's a 30mm range, they are bigger than most others on the market but it makes them look more realistic with models around.

The ground floor of the building also has movable doors. These are on stands and fit snugly in the door frames or can be opened for play inside the building or even as a quick route through instead of around.

So you can see the overall size of these kits, I have added the Dark Knight and his sidekick as that's the range I will be using them with.

As I was given these to review, I don't really want to comment on the price too much, but if you wanted the the Apartment Block is around £23 and the Lights and Sewers set are £4.50.
I think these are great prices and I will be buying some more for my table very soon.

All in all, I LOVE these sets. The ease, details, strength and size all appeal to me.
They are both getting added to my City board for my next game.

Time for the scores....

Lights + Sewers - 8/10 Badger Points

Apartment Block - 10/10 Badger Points

Keep and eye on the blog for more from Multiverse Gaming in the near future and a MASSIVE thanks goes out to them from sending me these goodies to review.

- Hendybadger


  1. They look great, I would love to get the Olympus building and the diner, the prices are a bit high than what I am used to with some companies.


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