Tuesday 30 June 2015

Batman: Ultra Violent

A friend, Jack Glanfield, over on the Arkham City Limits group has been doing some stunning things with his Batman minis, some UV paint and a blacklight.
As a fellow Schumacher Batman movie fan, he has taken a lot of inspiration from the 90s movies Batman Forever and Batman + Robin.

 Mr Freeze's suit glowing as he goes to take another of Gotham's diamonds.

 Bane switches on his Venom / Titan feed and gets pumped full of raw power.

 The Batman in his experimental 'Beyond' suit calls forth his glowing Batmobile.

 The Riddler is a tricky character. But under the right conditions you can always see his clues.

Batman stalks around the Gotham Museum at night, waiting for Freeze.

Its not just the models that glow. The Star Tech labs sign lights up the area.#

What do you think of the UV Batman look?
If you want to give it a go yourself, you can find the paints online at Visual Bliss.

- Hendybadger


  1. It is a nice idea and certainly creates an unique atmosphere, especially with mr. Freeze on the table.
    I think he needs to take it a step further though. As the table looks frozen over, but the buildings weren't given the same treatment.

    1. That would look great doing a full frozen Gotham.

  2. I like it...Gotham by Blacklight!

    1. I think he should do the neon Batman Forever thugs next.


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