Saturday 15 September 2012

Spybreaker - Leader of the Supreme Alliance

Another new preview from the Pulp City Facebook page

Codename: Spybreaker. The scourge of Soviets. The Cold War living legend. America's last line of defence.

Once again, a great piece of art leading up to the Supreme Alliance. Pulp City's first Supreme team.
To check out the other that have been seen so far see one of my posts from a couple of days ago >>HERE<< 

I know what your thinking
Its just more news. And more about Pulp City. Wheres your minis and games?
Well there are 2 reasons for all the news recently.

1- A mix of injury, work, playtesting, young child and no pennies has meant I have had very little time for any building, painting or games that I can report on.

2- I'm abit of a PC super fan and love all the news they have had recently. Not being a well known game I want to get the info out there to as many people as possible. The more that see it means the more that try it, like it and keep playing it! Everybody wins!

On the topic of PC news there have also been a couple of other little hints recently.
The main one being the mention of an expansion in the new rules (due next year) for BOOS, otherwise know as Build Our Own Supremes!
Ever wanted to play Pulp City with a Supreme of your own creation? Soon you will be able to!

That's all for now but I have all sorts to come soon. Including a charity fundraiser, painting and playing Pulp City (Supremes and scenery) and my first steps into Dystopian Wars with a French fleet of flying battleships!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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  1. That's a rather nice figure. Darn, these are getting very tempting.


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