Saturday 22 September 2012

New Interstellar and French Dystopian Goodies!

As I said a couple of days ago, the blog is going to be quiet for the next week or so due to work.
But then I found these goodies for Dystopian Wars and just had to share them!

Above - The Invaders!
A classic Victorian sci-fi look to mix up your games of Dystopian Wars and run some really interesting scenarios or campaigns.
These are from Studio Sparta. Part of Spartan Games

A couple of pics for scale against other DW minis

They could also fit into a 28mm game if you wanted them to.

Once I get into DW abit more I'm sure I will be picking up afew of these. I love the look of them.
They will make great Villains in Pulp City as well!

Here is what Studio Sparta has to say about them-

They came from outer space... and landed in Studio Sparta!

We love Victorian super science fiction. We also love the idea of alien invaders descending to Earth and obliterating all who dare to stand before them! Sooner or later, we knew we would bring these two things together and so the idea of the
Invaders was born. In the best tradition of aliens everywhere, we saw them landing on Earth and, well, you get the picture...

We’ve designed the Invaders to be a fun concept for gamers to add something different to their playing experience, and you don't really need us to tell you that they work superbly well in the Dystopian Wars world. Although they are not part of the core timeline of the Dystopian world, they offer you a chance to create a wonderful new facet of Victorian super science fiction. If you’ve ever wanted to play out a classic War of the Worlds scenario in the alternate world of Dystopian Wars, now is your chance.
The current Invaders range consists of their intimidating Walker war engines and swarms of insect-like flying support craft. However, over time we will add more varied and different units to this baseline as ideas emerge from our suitably deranged minds! Our intention is that you will be able to field whole armies of these strange, deadly bio-mechanical creations.

But it’s not only in Dystopian Wars where the Invaders can walk. The models have been designed to fit comfortably with almost any scale of miniature. Just imagine the Invaders attacking units of 15mm scale Firestorm Invasion Terran infantry, or marvel as 10mm scale Dindrenzi armour is pulverised by devastating weapon systems onboard an Invader Hive ship.
You could even see crack teams of 28mm soldiers and reckless scientists taking on a mysterious new threat. When you stand a 28mm scale miniature next to an Invader medium class Walker it looks very cool.
No gaming table is safe from their relentless march! Go on, indulge yourself...
NOTE: When the Invader models ship a downloadable PDF will be available from this web site with rules and statistics that allow them to be used within the Dystopian Wars game.

Talking of getting into DW more, Spartan Games have been tempting me with new ships for my French fleet.
With large and medium flying battleships there was only 1 size missing.

Enter the Alma class frigate!

Rebuplique of France players will soon have the option to run an entire Naval Battle group of skimming / flying ships!
How cool is that?

Republique of France Alma Class Frigate
The most famous technological achievement of French industry and weapons design is undoubtedly the Gravity Nullification Engine or GNE for short. This amazing device, developed with the assistance of ‘liberated’ Antarctican technology, has seen France’s naval forces develop not only a line of strikingly unique ship designs, but also a wholly new battle doctrine.
The relatively small size of French fighting formations on the ground is easily offset by their access to the crushing power of naval gunfire support even when many miles from the nearest coastline. The sleek lines of the Magenta II battleships and Marseille Class Cruisers cast long shadows over the Republique’s enemies in every sense of the word.
Just recently, these mighty vessels have been joined by another ship class, one that represents a major step forward in the development of GNE technology. The swift and streamlined Alma Class Frigate mounts the sophisticated Mark VI, the first production GNE powerplant small enough to mount in a vessel of its size.

The Alma is designed to provide fast-moving fire support and scouting capability to France’s flying navy. The frigate is swift and agile enough to take the fight to true aircraft, always a point of vulnerability for the larger GNE craft in service. When operating alone, squadrons of Almas also make superb commerce raiders, as well as mounting lightning strikes on enemy ports through their ability to bypass many conventional defences.

The personnel of the French light naval forces refer to the Alma as the ‘flying barracuda’. It is finding favour with particularly aggressive captains, and roving packs of these ships will surely savage unwary enemy craft wherever they might be found. No corner of any battlefield is now beyond the reach of the navy of France.

A Word From The Designer
The Republique of France made their big splash with the Magenta Battleship long before they became a fully developed faction and that one model set an impressive benchmark for the following ships. We’d made the decision not to focus the French too much on their surface skimming ships, giving them a plethora of tanks, fixed-wing aircraft and airships to keep the players amused, but in the end the sheer fun of skimming ships dragged us back; after all we only needed one more to have an entire basic battle group for players to utilise. When the time came to give the French a pair of upgrades the Alma Class Frigate was first on the list.

Much like one of my personal favourites – the Geier Class Bomber – the Alma uses it’s supposed hydrodynamic form as an aerodynamic form, giving the model a lovely sense of contrast and appeal. The appeal here is the classic tumblehome hull so synonymous with our French ships, streamlining the rest of the superstructure and hull features to emphasize those lines. What’s left is almost a dart or more of a classic airship shape that stands out vividly on the table. The Alma also boasts a nifty 360 degree turret, unlike the restricted arcs of the naval Lyon Class Frigate.

There will be more on my own fleet very soon. But for now I have to get back to work.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Wow, those Invaders are sure nice! And it's evil of you to show me exactly how awesome they'd be in 28mm. ;)

  2. They fit in several games nicely


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