Thursday 27 September 2012

After some French Dystopian ships, Can you help?

Hi all, I don't usually do this but I'm asking for help on a trade / sale.

I am after 4 individual Republique of France Dystopian Wars minis.
Well, after getting into he game I have found that the blister sizes don't seem to match the squadron sizes. Most are out by 1 model.
I have 4 squads I want to fill out but buying 4 more blisters, just to take 1 mini out of each, is abit too much for me.

If you have any of the ships listed below and you are willing to sell / trade them, please shoot me an email using the 'Email Hendybadger' link on the right.
Please. :)

I am after-
1x Furieux Scout Flyer (above, other pics below)
1x Epaulard Sub above and below water
1x Voltaire Heavy Interceptor
1x Chevalier Destroyer
(want new if possible)

I willing to buy these via Paypal or trade for -

3x Frelon Small Flyer
3x Toulon Armoured Cruiser
6x Lyon Frigate
(no pictures but all new)

If anybody can help me out here I will give you mentions and links on here to wherever you like. Within reason obviously.

Thanks in advance

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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