Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New Marvel / Batman/ Animated / Flash Releases!!!!

Yesterday, Knight Models hit with an EPIC amount of new releases for the Marvel and Batman games.
As I'm obviously more of a Marvelite, I will start with those

Gambit, aka Remy Lebeau, joins the X-men. A Level 7 mixed melee and ranged attacker with Acrobat and Stealth will be great addition.

Next up we have Groot for the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Groot is a Level 9 tank. A lot of defensive and healing powers as well as some decent melee make Groot very handy and very dangerous.

The Batman game doesn't just get models this month. It gets an entire expansion!
The Flash and Arrow book brings rules for new teams, the Speed Force, Vechiles, scenarios and much more.
If you pre-order (even from your local shop) you can get your hnds on your very own Black Flash. Limited Edition and comes with his own stat card.
Talking of Limited Edition, there is even an alternate comic cover you can get direct from KM.

What are Speed Force rules without Speedsters?
The Flash joins Batmans crew as a Sidekick at 125 Rep. We don't know what the Speed Force powers do yet so I can't tell you much more about him.
Professor Zoom, aka Eobard Thawne, is also her to take down the Flash by joining any of the other Villains crews except for Joker or the League. A 117 Rep Free Agent may take up a lot but I expect he's worth it.

The new team rules include the Suicide Squad. But the members can also joins crews as per the basic rules.
A New Deadshot is here for any Villian except Joker at 90 Rep and $600. His Barret can hit with up to SEVEN Blood damage!
Not as picky but just as dangerous is Captain Boomerang. Joining any Villain for 82 Rep and $350.
Armed to the teeth with boomerangs for all occasions then he can even bounce off people.

If you are a fan of the Animated style KM have been producing, this month brings the Green Arrow and Batgirl.
The Green Arrow is a 77 Rep Leader for his crew and has an awesome Boxing Glove arrow.
Batgirl is a 47 Rep Free Agent for Batman or Jim Gordon.
These models keep with the same style of basic stats and rules so are ideal for people learning or younger players.

The final model for this month is the AWESOME Hawkman.
Able to join Batman or the Green Arrow as a Free Agent, you could create your own Justice League or Legends of Tomorrow.
At 109 Rep he is a beast with some great flight abilities and Teamwork with Hawkgirl (obviously)

The goodies don't stop there.
Q Workshop have created some lovely looking Batman and Joker dice with Robin or Harley collateral damage dice. (Mrs Badger made me get the Harley one)

Last but not least is some new acrylic.
Spray templates, vehicle turn templates and Flash / Zoom tokens.

So, what do you think of the new releases?

- Hendybadger


  1. I'm very interested in Zoom, Captain Boomerang and any upcoming Flash Rogues - would be more so if I knew they could form their own gang. At the moment they are both just Free Agents.

    1. I hope we get a Rogues team in the new book.


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