Friday 19 April 2013

Deep Wars Updated FAQ + Errata now on Antimatter Games

An update Deep Wars FAQ and Errata can now be found on the Antimatter Games website >HERE<.

For your convenience I have also copied it below.


1. How do turns work?

A: The turn relates to the player and not to the models. When it is player A’s turn, that player can choose to activate models but may fail on the first one, transferring the turn to player B. If player B activates all of his or her models, the turn switches back to player A, who may then fail on the first model, turning over the turn to Player B again. This is where it is important to activate wisely. Turns are fluid in this game and do not imply that every model gets a chance to activate in one block of time. Models can only activate once during the turn for a player though.


2. Is a model affected by poison, corrosion or zone spell effects if it is not activated?

A. No, the effects of a poisoned, corroded or any other state only get applied (Resistance check, etc.) once the model activates. Models get a chance to leave zone spell and move towards healers or keep fighting when poisoned. The initial attack for poison or corrosion does require a Resistance Check though.

3. Why is it so hard to activate?

A. It is difficult for high Q troops to activate if they do not have a Leader, Commander or Deep Caller, which gives then a +1 bonus to the roll when within one Long stick. The +1 bonus can make a huge difference in a battle. Hero points from one model activating with three actions and killing an enemy can be used on the same turn for the next model in activation, giving a +1 bonus to the activation rolls.

4. Does armor still work when transfixed or fallen?

A. Yes, armor always works and is not damaged. Weapons can be damaged however.

5. How are wounds handled?

A. The basic rule for combat is that a model that loses in combat, either H2H or ranged, can be fallen or recoil. Fallen models are technically wounded, and are easier to hit and die if lose in combat one more time, although they can recover and “heal”. Models that recoil are not wounded, and are just moved away from combat. Body parts can be targeted and disabled. This silhouette of the model on the game card shows the different targetable regions and their current status. If a subsystem or body part is damaged (losing a combat roll), mark the first box. If destroyed (two losses in combat or doubled), mark the second box. Non-targeted attacks hit the body – mark one box if fallen or transfixed and remove when recovered. The head or controls are destroyed with one damaging strike, resulting in death.

Errata and New Rules

1. A tie when the defender has no armor goes to the attacker. The defender
Recoils. Pg.35

2. The Gulp ability takes effect on a successful attack, winning verses the defender, or a tie if the defender has no armor. Pg.73

3. Quick Move Activation (new rule). A player may choose to activate all models for a turn, for one move each, without the option to roll for actions. This cannot be used to move adjacent to an enemy. Pg.25

4. Step & Attack (new rule). A model with one action may move its base width and attack using one total action. pg.35

5. Mantaform Hunter-Killer mech has the Big Special Ability. pg.140

6. Matlal the Elder – Technologist of Atalán has as special items: Propulsion System (CL 1), Crystal Imager (CL2), Ghost Device (CL 2), Refractive Field (CL 2). pg.139

7. Lighting Torpedo changed to Lightning Torpedo. pg.154

8. Temporary Hero Points can now be used by the next activating model of a warband within 1 Long stick of the heroic model to give +1 to activation dice. This is like a temporary Leader bonus to help a warband activate model after model as they see their comrades being heroic. Hero points can still be used as before, by the heroic model on the next turn of the player, but can now be used for activation by that model also. pg.97

9. Table of Shallow Shelf Wild Creatures numbering fixed, removing duplicate values. pg.113

10. Cthan the Ravenous is supposed to have Mounted as an ability and a point cost of 243. This is updated in the new PDF 1.5. pg.144

11. Only one zone spell may be cast at a time.

12. Just a small edit to the custom model steps on page 153. step 4 says to round down the points sum to the nearest 10. What this means is round down the warband points sum, not the amount for that model. This step is not really needed here since it is described in the Warbands section on page 23. This step has been removed in the newest update of the rulebook.

Does this answer any questions you have about the rules?
Are there any other things you would like cleared up?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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