Wednesday 17 April 2013

Pulp City Pre-release for Salute 2013 - V.H, Blacksmith + June Summers

Regular ToaTS readers will know that were are very keen on Pulp City here. We have also paired up with them before for giveaways and reviews.
But today the guys at Pulp Monsters have given us the awesome opportunity to announce what they will have available for pre-release at Salute 2013 (Sat 20th, London) and even show you the models! Yay!

First up are-
V.H and Blacksmith
Heroes for Blood Watch

The V.H and Blacksmith models are going to be for sale at Salute 2013 on the Pulp City stand.
The stand number is TB22 so go in the door and head for the far left corner. First aisle in from the edge.
If you can't make it to Salute, these 2 will be available from the Pulp City Website in early May.

Lets take a closer look at these stunning models.

V.H (aka Victoria Helsing) is the Level 3 Leader of Blood Watch. A team that protect Pulp City from the supernatural invasions from the Necroplane dimension and all manner of other paranormal dangers.
She is a highly skilled and well trained combat expert that can take on any foe.

Blacksmith is the Level 2 Tank of Blood Watch. He collects and uses several ancient and mysterious relics to help protect and enhance the rest of the team. Skilled with gates and portals he can get the team where ever they need to be.

If you will not be attending Salute 2013 but still want something new and early, how about a brand new cast of the Minion who will be available online (and at the show) this weekend-
June Summers!
Also a sneak peak at the new Minion card design for PC Supreme Edition
June Summers is a reporter for Channel 4 in Pulp City. Her job is to capture all of the action between the Supreme Heroes and Villains as it happens.

June was a limited edition release in resin a couple of years ago but she has now returned in metal! (So happy about this. The only PC model I didn't have)
She will be available on the Pulp City Online Store during Salute and at the Pulp City stand on the day. If you want this model, and I know several PC collectors that do) head for the website or stand TB22 this weekend. She will be released later on in the year but it wont be for a while as the next few months of releases are already known.

These are a stunning selection of models and huge thanks to Pulp Monsters for letting us shown and announce them. 
Hope you all have fun on the day!
Which ones will you be picking up?

Talking of Pulp City, Salute 2013 and this blog, you can win some very nice teams of Pulp City minis on the ToaTS Facebook Page at the moment.
3 teams are up for grabs with the largest including another pre-release Pulp City model. One of the new sculpts for Guerilla, Nuke or Ace of Wraiths (above).
All you need to do is head to the ToaTS Facebook Page (link), click on the picture shown here and follow the instructions.
The winners will be announced on the day of Salute 2013. April 20th.
Good Luck!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Is she for real?? June won't be limited this time will she?

    1. She's real! And metal!
      Will be a normal release later in the year.


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