Saturday 18 June 2011

New PP Minis spotted at Lock & Load thanks to Guts and Gears

Hi all, just a quick post today.
Some new minis have been spotted at the Privateers Press first Lock & Load gaming event by Sam of the Guts and Gears podcast.
His reporting thread on the PP fourms can be found >>HERE<< and has lots more pictures.

Right, time for some pics.
The first one isnt really a mini. Its more of a massive.
A lifesize Ironclad!!!!

Thats alot of metal. I like it.

And keeping with Cygnar, a possible new plastic Jack kit

One of my faourite Jacks from the new Wrath expansion

Next we have one of the sculpters mock ups of the Circle Orboros Battle Engine.

I dont even play Circle but I want one of these. Cant wait to see what it looks like when its finished.

The begginings of a flying Skorne Warbeast

Going to be keeping a close eye on the progress of this one. As I know already that a couple of the local players will be picking it up.

The long awaited Epic Alexia. Paint in progress

Stunning. Just stunning. I dont think there are any other words for it.

And one of the many new additions from Battlefoam

This has just been added to my xmas list. My Warmachine Battlefoam will go very nicely ontop of this one.

So thats the new shinyness for now. But thats just the current reports from day one of 2!
Keep on checking Sams thread above for more info and reports.

Hendy out

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