Wednesday 22 June 2011

Iron Gauntlet - Steamroller Tournament @ Iron Haven, Exeter - July 23rd

New tournament time people!

There is a new store and Gaming hall opened up in Exeter, Devon called Iron Haven Games.
Check out thier site for details on opening times, ordering, contacts and dont forget to take a look at the game boards. They are stunning!

On July 23rd they will be holding thier first Warmachine + Hordes tournament. The Iron Gauntlet!!
You can see they full details of the event and download the rules pack >>HERE<<
But if you want to read it NOW, here it is

‘The Iron Gauntlet’ – Warmachine/Hordes Tournament
Saturday 23rd July.
Three 35 points games followed by a 25 point.
Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw game. 16 tournament places.
Tickets: £10 (£7.50 for members)
£25 First Prize
Rules Pack click here:  Iron_Gauntlet_Rules_Pack

And here is the detailed bit..........

Army Composition
The Iron Haven Tournament 2011 consists of 4 games of Hordes/Warmachine. For these games you will require two lists. Both lists must follow the guidelines laid out below. Note Minion pacts “The Thornwood Alliance” and “The Blindwater Congregation” may be used as presented in No Quarter Magazine and FoH: Minions, but proxies are not allowed. All other Hordes and Warmachine factions and contracts are permitted and tier lists, where available in print, are allowed.
New releases (such as from Wrath) are allowed as long as the rules are available by list submission date.

List one:
35 points chosen from the faction of your choice within the normal rules of army composition as laid out in the Prime/Primal rulebooks.
List two:
25 points chosen from the same faction chosen for the 35 point list. This list must include the same Warlock/Warcaster as your 35 point list. This list is a “mangled metal”/”tooth and claw” list. This means only Warlocks/Warcasters and their Beasts/Jacks can be chosen.
Your army lists must be submitted to by Friday 22/07/11 so as they can be checked and validated before the event.

Tournament Scoring
The title of Iron Gauntlet 2011 will be awarded to the player with the highest score based on our scoring system. There are three ways of scoring points for the Iron Gauntlet Tournament. You score for winning, drawing or losing the game. You score for the amount of Control Points you gain during the game. You score victory points for models you destroy or maul during the game.

Game Won (Warlock/Warcaster kill or Scenario win) 3 points
Game Draw (Time runs out without either player achieving a win) 2 points
Game Lost (Warlock/Warcaster lost or Scenario loss) 1 point

At the end of your game you must note along with the games outcome, how many control points you gained from the scenario and how many victory points you got from destroying
your opponents forces. Each selection is worth an equal amount of VP’s to its cost in points. For example a Titan Gladiator which is destroyed at the end of a game is worth 8 victory points to its opponent as this is how many points its owner paid for it. Units or models reduced to UNDER half strength are worth half of their points cost (rounded up) in VP’s. For example a unit of 6 Pyg bushwackers reduced to 2 models by the games end would be worth 3 VP’s, half of their cost of 5 rounded up. However if the unit was 3 models strong they would be worth nothing as they have not been reduced to under half strength.

At the end of the tournament placing will be decided by how many Tournament points each player has in this order

Game Won/Lost/Drew > Control Points > Victory Points

For example if two players have the same amount of tournament points from Games won. Their placing will then be decided by who obtained the most control points during their 4 games. If this amount is equal it will fall to Victory Points to determine the final placement of the two players.

Tournament points are also awarded for painting as follows.
Well painted models with detail and basing 2 points
Painted and based models 1 point
Unpainted models no basing 0 points
These points are added to a players Win/Draw/Loss score so make sure your models are looGauntlet good and ready to go.

There are four rounds to the Iron Gauntlet Tournament. Three rounds are played using your 35 point list and one round is played with your 25 point Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw. These rounds will be played using variations of the current Steamroller scenarios.. The scenarios we are using will be revealed on the day so as to encourage the most rounded army lists possible. This prevents building with the scenario in mind. You must come with your pre selected force and adapt to the conditions of the battlefield, whatever they may be.

Entry to the event is going to cost £10 for the entire day, £7.50 for IHG members
Payments can be made by Paypal to don’t forget to send it as a gift. Payments must be received by Friday 22/07/10. We recommend you email Ironhaven at to let us know you’ve paid just to be sure. We hope to see you there.

Any questions can be directed to or by visiting our forum then go to ‘Tournaments at the Haven’ thread

The tournament is going to run on Saturday the 23rd July at the Ironhaven Games, Exeter. Start at 10am and we aim to finish by 6pm.

Iron Haven Games
Unit 49, Exeter Business Centre
39 Marsh Green Road West
Marsh Barton
07775 030937

I will be there with the ever faithful Talion Charter. Fighting for blood and coin!

Thats all for now,
Hendy out

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