Friday 24 June 2011

New Hordes: Domination Artwork, Retribution Myrmidon and New Official Warmachine Game Trailer

In the last couple of days some stunning new artwork has shown up from PPs Lock & Load gamerfest on the Privateer Press Forums

Lets take a look ( and speculat what they might be)

Circle Orboros - Epic Baldur
Baldur has always been my favourite Circle Warlock. Cant wait to see the model for him.

Circle Orboros - New Warlock or Wolves Character

Skorne - Epic Hexeris?
Im afraid I dont know very much about Skorne

Skorne - New Warlock or Character

Legion of Everblight - Epic Vayl
3 orbs now? Looks great. And I bet she will be mean in game

Legion of Everblight - New Warlock or Character Legionnaire

Trollbloods - Epic Grissel

Minions - Farrow 2 Headed Warlock!!!!
How AWESOME is he? 2 heads! Just when I thought the Farrow couldnt get any better.......

Minions - Farrow Heavy Warbeast?
Another stunning Farrow. Loving the mech parts of this one. Will look very nice next to the War Hogs

Minions? - Possible Blindwater Gatormen Heavy Warbeast?
The Kraken? Oh I hope so. What ever it is, I know Im going to want atleast one of these.

And now for something completly different

Retribution of Scyrah - Aspis Light Myrmidon

A marvel of Iosan force mastery, the Aspis is an unmistakable sight on the battlefield. The myrmidon is equipped to manipulate its own protective field dynamically and can catch bullets with it before they strike. A stalwart guardian of its controlling warcaster, the Aspis can smash even the largest enemies backward with blows of its force-enhanced fists to keep its master safe from harm.

Looks great. I expect to see one of these in most lists when its released. Check out its 360 VEIW on the Privateer Press Main Site

And to finish of with the most amazing bit of news

Official Warmachine Game Trailer from E3
Wow. Just wow. Like the rest of the community, I am really looking forward to this. The graphics look stunning, game play seems action packed and they have captured the look and feel of the Iron Kingdoms perfectly.

Thats it for today folks.
May your random number generators cubes do you well.

Hendy out


  1. Great summary post!!!

    Hexeris and Vayl look immense.

    Can't wait for the battle engine previews (or whatever they are called in Hordes.)

  2. There are some artwork for the Skorne and Trollbloods engines on the PP forums and Lost Hemisphere


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