Monday 27 June 2011

2011 Press Gang Mini Exchange -or- Pretty Shiny Things!!!!

Over the last few weeks a selection of Privateer Press's Press Gangers have taken part in a minitures exchange.
We were split into 3s and each person built and painted a model for the next.
I (PG_hendybadger) was chosen to do a model for  PG_Hysteresis, who did a model for PG_Maijnh, who did a model for me.
Still with me?

So, onto the minis.
PG_Hysteresis chose to paint a stuuning Minion for me after finding out I play both Mercs and Minions.
I had no idea what it was going to be until it turned up.
When it did I opened the box to find the best looking Lanyssa Ryssyll - Nyss Sorceress I had ever seen.

Isnt she stunning? Look at that cloak! Every feather has been highlighted seperatly.
And the attention to detail on all parts of the mini is fantastic.
Lanyssa is a very welcome addition to my ever groing Mercenary force.

Thank you Hysteresis. Thank you very much.

And what did I do?
After chatting with PG_Marijnh I found out he wanted to build a Mercenary force with Constance Blaize and her very own Warjack Gallant at the head.
He already had a planned colour scheme of Gold/Brass, bright Silver and Purple for them and he is a big fan of Warjacks in general. And one other thing he wanted was that, whatever I did, it would be based on something more interested than the usual sand and grass.
Then by brain started ticking!!!!
With the amout of time Blaize spends with her Cygnar allies Im sure she would have access to Cygnar tech or alteast parts. And if she upgraded Gallant then why not a Mercenary Jack aswell to give her a slight edge when working with other allies?
The Precursor look is very knightly and almost medieval aswell so I wanted to try and keep that look going.
So I give you, PG_Marijns gift

The Vanguard Knight

Its basically just a Mercenary Vanguard but with added Cygnar parts from a Centurion and a Grenadier to make it more Precursor and  knightly looking.
I added some tassles to match Blaize and Gallant from my bits box and a plume to add that little touch of medieval knight to tie it altogether.
(I know the Tower Shield is abit larger than the one I used but a Power Shield is only one letter away right?)
The base is local slate from the quarry about half a mile away then became a roofing slate on the building I work in 150 years ago. When a couple had to be replaced recently I thought that it was one of the most interesting things I could ever use to base a mini.

The Vanguard Knight is the first time I have worked mainly in metals. And it was a challenge.
But I took my time (It was finished a week late - sorry) and worked on each section stage by stage.
The pics arnt great but I hope they give a feel for the gold armour. It was blended through 8 layers to try and give it as much depth as possible while still trying to keep it looking realistic.. (I think thats why I was late)
The inner workings and light silver trim had almost as much work on them aswell. The last metal to be done was the Brass on the inside if the arms, boiler and stacks. Unfortunalty, due to rubbish photography skills, you cant see those parts very well. But I even added a touch of verdigris around select edges.

Thats enough from me for now though. If I keep going I will end up telling you the whole process brush stroke by brush stroke. And you REALLY dont want that. :)

EDIT: Just had the go ahead from PG_Hysteresis to add his mini he recieved from PG_Marijnh.
This completes the exchange circle. And none of use had any idea we were working on the same model. Honestly!
A very nice Vanguard. The check pattern looks great and the base makes it look alot more imposing

All in all I had a great time doing this mini exchange.
And I hope to get the chance to do another in the future.
Thanks to Marijnh, Hysteresis and all others involved for this great experience.

May your random number generator cubes be kind to you

Hendybadger out


  1. Great idea for the Vanguard conversion, and well executed. I'll have to have words with our Dutch Menite friend about getting involved with filthy Morrowans, though...

    I think the three of us made a fine job of our little part of the painting exchange. Great job :)


  2. I think we did very well. So happy with Lanyssa. Thank you so much.
    I think he is keeping his Morrowan involvement a secret from the rest of us.

    Do you want me to add your mini to the post aswell to show the full circle?

  3. Some really good painting!

    For the Vanguard conversion, what Grenadier parts were used? For the Centurion, it's both arms, right?

  4. The Grenadier was just the head. The Centurion was the right arm and left shield

  5. I'm glad the PG are still doing this. I originally started this a few years ago and enjoyed the community building aspect of it. It sounds like things have evolved and people are really getting into it.

    Cool work, Hendy!

  6. Thanks Varagon.
    Took a while to do but I was really pleased with the result.


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