Sunday 13 February 2011

New Ways to 'Play Like You've Got a Pair'

Courtesy of Lost Hemisphere and GDAYBLOKE
We have new little game to play with your Warmachine and Hordes forces.


Warcaster Thunderdome is a 4-player format.

Each player’s army consists of three Warcasters/Warlocks from the same faction. Each Warcaster/Warlock choice can only ever bring one model to the table. No Halfjacks, no Keg Carrier, only one Coven member, Goreshade has no feat, etc. Yes, this makes some casters a bad choice in the format.
The Warcasters are considered to be each others battlegroup.
The field of play is 36" on each side. Deployment zones are a 10" bubble at each corner. There is a 12" hill in the center of the board, and an 8" impassable wall extends from the center of each edge toward the center of the board.
Models cannot be healed and cannot regenerate power fields in any way. Once damage is inflicted, it cannot be removed.

Warlocks use the mechanics for Focus instead of Fury– they gain their full Fury value at the start of the turn, and overcharge instead of transferring. Warcaster Thunderdome is intended to be a very fast format.
While there are no timed turns per se, players should be punished with badgering and verbal abuse if they play slowly or waste time strategizing. Plan on your opponent’s turn– when it’s your go, GO!

Mutators (Optional)
At the start of the first player’s turn each round, roll a D6, and immediately execute the according mutator:

1- Immediately push each model 3" toward the center of the table (closest models first to avoid logjams).
2- Models generate two additional focus/fury this round. Immediately put two focus/fury on each model.
3- Each player selects one warcaster/warlock he controls. That model may use its feat this round without “expending” its use of the feat, even if it has already been used.
4- Upkeep spells have no effect this round (though they remain in play and can be upkept).
5- Models gain one additional initial attack this round, ignoring rate of fire.
6- LOS is restricted to 8" this round. Models cannot ignore LOS when attacking.

So, What do you think?

We are also trying to work out our own points system on a format created by another Press Ganger
'Achievement Unlocked'
Instead of just play and win points there will be a whole sheet of different things.
Everything from 'Win 1 game using scenario' to 'Make all Power Attacks in a turn'. And a couple of more obscure silly ones.
Each will have its own points value if acomplished. Gives a whole new way to win a tournament!

Finally for today.
Looks like there might be a Warmachine + Hordes Steamroller Tournament at PAW next year.
Run by us!
Will keep you posted on that one.

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