Monday 14 February 2011

NCBB Windless Wates changes

After reporting back on our first Windless Wastes night we have made a couple of changes for the good of the players.

1 -  The first 3 games count towards your score. Not the first 5.

This is due to the manicness (is that a word?) of the games on the first night. A couple of players enjoyment was abit spoilt and that not what the league is about. Its all about having fun and community building.
I also think thats it fairer to have the winner as the person that does the best. Not the person that manages to sqeeze in the most games.
Most people managed 3 games on the night so this will now be the set limit.

2 - Best sportmanship gets 5 bonus points

This will be added to the final scores. And will be voted by all of the players in the league.
(Cannont vote for themselves though)

3 - The final night will be some bigger games.

To finish the legue of by having abit if fun. There will be 2 x 4 player games to start with. Using the Team scenario #5
This will be followed by an 8 player WARCASTER THUNDERDOME!!!!!!!!!!

4 - If 2 players cant make it to a club night, or dont get to play 3 games due to running late, they may meet outside of club hours to play 1 game of upto 50pts

Do you think this is fair?

Thats all for today folks.
Unless I think of something else anyway.

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