Wednesday 2 February 2011

First Finished Merc, PAW 2011, Windless Wastes + Theme tunes!

Just a quick one today.
To start with, I have just finished the test scheme for my Talion Charter force.
I have only painted a hand full of minis before this. (maybe 9?)
A Mercenary Buccaneer light Warjack

What do you think?
No need to be polite. I would love input to help me improve and find out what people really think of my painting so far.

PAW 2011 is almost here. Only 3 days away now.
Warmachine + Hordes Demos with a range of models and books to take a look at. And FREE rules to take away with you.
Everything is organised and ready to go. Cant wait! First convention as a PGer. Forst convention ever actually.

Shatter Grounds : Windless Wastes is soon aswell.
The pre-league event is a scenery comp. 1 large or 2 small pieces of terrain to fit the Iron Kingdoms settings.
Comendations for all that enter and a Faction Patch for thier chosen army for the winner.
Just waiting for the last players books to turn up and then ready to go on Feb10th.
Guess what Im using!

Finally we are running a Theme Tune comp at the club finishing this week.
You pick your favourite army/faction.gang/ect and a song that best fits them.
All will be played on the night and the best one gets a £5 voucher for Mad for Miniatures
Im going for Alestorm- Heavy Metal Pirates!

Lots more updates coming soon. PAW, SG:WW, terrain, tunes and more.

Cheers for now

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