Monday 6 December 2010

Talion Charter force for NCBB 40pt League

For any that are interested my 40pts in the North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics League look like this

A Pirates Life theme force Tier 4

Captain Shae
Sea Dogs x 10 + Mr Walls + 1 Rifleman
Sea Dog Deck Gun
Lady Aiyana + Master Holt
Commodore Cannon + Crew
Lord Rockbottom
Bosun Grogspar
Dirty Meg
Doc Killingsworth
First Mate Hawk

I wasnt too sure about this list when I first started. But I have found them to work amazingly well together.
The whole force is almost in the middle of the board by turn 2. With Captain Shea right up there with them.
The 2 Buccaneers work well for covering open areas, Tieing up dangerous Jacks for a turn or 2 or even just being sacrificed to open the way up for something bigger.
The Nomad and the Mariners are the hard hitters. The Nomad is a beast in combat and the Mariner takes Meg to load and causes alot of ranged damage before hitting even harder with it anchor.
The Sea Dogs and the ONE POINT solos are the heart of the force. On the charge with the right backing they can easily take down a large Jack. And then there are the little extras from Rockbottom, Bosun and Doc to add some ranged support. Great for taking out both units and stray solos.
Aiyana and Holt seem hit or miss. Sometimes they are rubbish but sometimes they are amazing. (I think thats just my rolling) His shots are more dangerous than people think. Especially with the +2 damage from Aiyana.
Captain Shae is very decieving. He doesnt look like much but with the Storm Rager upkeep on him and abit of focus he gets nasty. The couple of comabt skills he has work wonders against most man-sized Casters and I think he has only lost 1 Caster v Caster battle before.
And his feat, his Feat! Look great? No. Work amazingly? YES! A free 3 inches for everyone combined with Pathfinder and no free strikes can really be a game changer when used at the right time.
Even though he is one of the greatest pirates in the Iron Kingdoms and an amzing Caster he his still not my favourite part of the Talion Charter. That prize goes to ........
The Commodore Cannon.
Its amazing. Never EVER run Shae without it. When it hits, it hits hard. As Vlad found out. But even if the enemy stay away from it then its still doing a great job. They try and kill it from behind ,which leaves the killers away from anything else or they avoid it all together, which means I can almost plan where they are going to head and place my dangerous units accordingly.
There is my Who, How and Why for Talion.

What do you think?

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