Sunday 5 December 2010

Its all starting to fall into place ...

Hello there people.
I have finaly got some events planned as a PG.

Next week afew of us are going to to Truro in Cornwall to visit Trelawneys Armies Gaming Society (TAGS)
A couple of people there have some Warmachine models but havent played since Mk1 and want to give Mk2 a look and a try.
The plan is 2 tables. 1 with 2 starter Battlegroup sets on. Khador v Menoth probably.
The 2nd will have a Cryx starter and some Talion Charter Pirates. (dont have access to 4 starter sets yet)
There are usualy quite afew people there so I am hoping to drum up some interest with a couple of nice looking games backed up by afew rulebooks and Forces books, Some recent issues of No Quarter and a pile of Mk2 quick start rules that they can take to try out.
If all goes well, and people get really interested I will have the models to maybe up the points for one of the tables aswell. Throwing, Trampling and Slaming with some heavy Jacks always pleases people.
I will report back on how this one goes after Thursday night. And hopfully be able to post what I have learnt from my first official demo evening aswell.

There are also some events booked up for next year.
I wil be running demo/ participation games for Warmachine and Hordes (a table each) at

Plymouth Association of Wargamers show (PAW 2011)
on Feb 5th and 6th at the YMCA Sports Centre, Honicknowle Lane, Plymouth, Devon
PAW Link

Exeter Legionnary 2011 gaming show on May 7th at the Matford Centre, Exeter, Devon
Legionary Link

The  South West Model Engineering, Model Making and Hobbies Exhibition 2010
At The Royal Bath & West Show Ground, Shepton Mallet, Devon
30th of April to 2nd of May

Those are the confirmed plans for now.
Im am in the process of contacting other club in the south west aswell to try and organise more demo events.

There are also another couple of things being planned in the near future.
North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics gaming club will be running a Breast Cancer Brawl Steamroller Tournament on March 26th. (Details to be confirmed)

And a Cornwall Wargaming Expo is being planned for October 2011 to be held in Kingsley Village, Fraddon, Cornwall. (Again, Details to be confirmed)

On personnal news, I have played my latest 40pt league game against Khador with my Talion Charter.
A good game that ended in an amazing way. Commodore Cannon directly at Vlad and bouncing him off of his pet Drago. Full health to none in one shot! (sorry Cal but it was enjoyably piratey)
This puts me in second place in the league. Played 3, Won 3.
Behind Andy who (i think) has played 4 and won 4. And I think his Cygnar Epic Caine force is going to be my next game.

For any that are interested my 40pts look like this
A Pirates Life theme force Tier 4
Captain Shae
Sea Dogs x 10 + Mr Walls + 1 Rifleman
Sea Dog Deck Gun
Lady Aiyana + Master Holt
Commodore Cannon + Crew
Lord Rockbottom
Bosun Grogspar
Dirty Meg
Doc Killingsworth
First Mate Hawk

Thats all for now folks.......
I will be back soon.


  1. Nice work...

    Let us know how these go. Interviews with the winners and lists would be awesome!

  2. Thanks.
    The interveiws and lists are a great idea.
    I will try and get them together with abit about each list from the player asap.
    I have added mine in the above post now aswell.


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