Friday 10 December 2010

TAGS Demo Night + other wonderful stuff

I did it! My first official demo night as a Press Ganger.
It was at the Trelawneys Armies Gaming Society in Truro, Cornwall. Club Site Here.
There was quite alot of interest from the club members for the week or so before hand so I drafted in assisstance from my wife and 2 friends.
We got there around 6pm and set up 2 4x4 basic tables to run some Warmachine demo games.
And also layed out a whole range of rulebooks and magazines for people to take a look through and a some WM quick start rules sheets for people to take away with them if they wanted to.
Out of 16 quick start sheets I ended up coming home with 2!

For starter demo games we kept the game area abit smaller and laid out a range of other minis in the corners and around the tables so people could see exactly the sort of things Privateer make.
The games then began. Myself and friend Andrew played on one side on the set up and my wife Coleen and friens Steve played on the other.
As soon as the dice started rolling so did the interest and the questions. I didnt mind at all because thats what we were there for. 3 or 4 people then took a big interest in what we were doing each turn and with each move. Which was great.
Over the course of the first few demo games quite alot of people we coming to and from to see what all the fuss was about. Most walked away at the least with the WM rules and Battlegroup card copies on them to take and try out.
Col and Steve then upped the game size abit to run a full game betwen themselves so people could start to see what the units and solos were and  how they worked in conjunction with the Jacks and Casters.
Andrew and myself ran another small game for people to get involved in and talked them through step by step with what we were doing and why we were doing it.
That was it then. Some seemed hooked! Namely Rob and Mike.

After a couple of hours of watching the games, helping out a little and going over the rules Mike wanted to play. I dont think he could resist the temptation any more.
Still with the onlookers and questions he took charge of some Cygnar and took on myself. Wow. He picked it up fast. Afew turns later my Caster was surrounded by broken friendly Jacks and some bad tempered Cygnar killing machines. Even with some spell boosts I didnt last any longer. I was dead before i could even realise hat was going on.
Mike was a very happy man and (Im sure) took home a Menoth Battlebox to build and paint.

Talking of Mike, He is a wonderful painter. Golden demon standard and has painted minis for people all over the world.
If you have a special model, or even army, or a great conversion that you want to look the best it ever could then take a look at the Cornish Mikey Painting Site or send him an Email Here

By the end of the night we had quite afew heading off to look into minis and Factions for themselves.
And even people starting to look at Hordes, MonPoc and Grind aswell.

I had some great feedback from the club during the evening and even on thier forum afterwards.
They have even pre-booked another demo night for next month so more can give it a go and others can try out thier own Battlegroup that they have or are going to buy from seeing the game.

All in all I think it was a great success. The TAGS members enjoyed themselves, my friends and myself enjoyed ourselves and I cant wait to do anouther one.

There was one slight problem though. With some of the people saying how nice my Talion Charter Jacks and conversions were I accidentaly clicked onto Maelstrom (link at bottom of page) when I got home and ordered myself a Freebooter and a second Nomad. Oh well. Just going to have to use them now I guess. :)

Finally for today there is some huge news.
I got to home to see an email from Loveless (forum member) that conatnied a picture of the legendary
Retribution Dawnguard Destors.
After all this time they really do exist! See!
Now we have a problem. Ian has started looking at the Retribution again!
But thats for another post.

Keep sacrificing paint brushes to the dice gods.
And may they be on your side.



  1. Destors for the win!

    Great really good stuff mate. I long to live somewhere I can nurture the hobby in such a good way...

  2. Im trying to gather a list of other clubs in the south west. But they are suprisingly hard to find. You would have thought a gaming club would be easy to find for new players.

  3. Nope Gaming clubs are like sasquatches! Once you find one they are brilliant but up until then they could be right outside your door and you wouldn't know!

  4. To start with I thought you meant most of them are big and hairy! Well, thats not too far from the truth I suppose. Hehe

    I have managed to track down another 6 last night so will be contacting them today and hopefully will get some more demoss booked. Maybe even a league!


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