Friday 17 December 2010

The latest news

Hi again all,
I know if have been abit quite this week but its been a manic one.
Got afew bits of news today.

Press Gang News
I have spent the last week trying to find and contact as many clubs and stores in my area.
Still waiting to hear back from most, as expected this time of year, but I have had great news from one.
Mad for Miniatures in St.Austell , Cornwall  MfM Website Link
This is a hobby store that has mainly card games and WH40K,
After talking with the store owner Vini he is happy to start stocking PP products, but only with proof the players are out there. Thats a fair deal in my eyes.
Each of the local players around here is going to put thier next orders in with MfM to help him start out.
And a great thing about these orders is that he will match the 10% UK online discounts and free postge over £10. And with a 10% deposit your can order now and pay the rest when you pick it up in store.

With this support MfM is going to order items for the store ontop of what we want and then keep expanding thier range with each order placed.
They are also happy to let us run Leagues, Tournaments demos and events there on a regular basis.

Mad for Miniatures is quite central in Cornwall so will be a great hub to promote PP and run the events from.
But, thats not the best bit.
There is NO other PP stockists in Cornwall at the moment and there hasnt been before.
That makes MfM the FIRST and ONLY PRIVATEER STOCKIST in the COUNTY!!!!!!! Big Yay!
I will update the news with this store as it progresses.

Now to the Tournaments.
A fellow PGer has come up with a brand new format. Instead of the usual Steamroller rules he is calling it 'Acheivment Unlocked'
The usual tournament rules apply but the scoring is much more fun. Each player gets a list of achievments ranging from first Caster kill through to the most facial hair (real or fake) while playing. And a huge amount of serious and fun one inbetween.
Each then has a point value and the winners of the tournament are the ones with the most achievment points at the end of the day.
Sound fun?  Fancy giving it a go?  Any ideas for new achievments?

We will also be running a Breast Cancer Brawl charity Steamroller tournament in Delabole, Cornwall on the 26th March. 16 places open with great prizes all round
Email me HERE for more information.
I will post up the full info as soon as its all finalised.

Hendybadgers News
And on to the local Warmachine League being run at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics gaming club.
Had my 4th game last night. Versus Epic Caine. It was a very interesting and fun game but was over quite quiclky. A Cygnar shooty force that tore my Talion Pirates to pieces and made short owrk of Captain Shae.
But leasons have been learnt for next time. Made mistakes in deployment, movement and placment. And paid the price for it.
No matter how hard it is to hit Captain Shae, dont leave him infront of Epic Caine with full focus. Bang! Bang! Your Dead!

Either Menoth or Khador next. Cant win now (unless Andy loses the next 3 and I dont. He hasnt lost yet) but cant still pull 2nd.

Been trying to up my painting skills aswell. Stopped on the characters for now to try the schemes out on the Warjacks.
What do you think of Privateer Warjacks in Burgandy, Light Blue and Brass?
Trying to tie them in with Shae and Bartolo. Will post up pictures when I have the final base colours down. (Sunday?)
Not sure what to do with my 2 Buccaneers thought. Do I paint them to same or swap over the blues and reds on the second one?
Still awaiting the arrival of my 2 new Jacks. The Freebooter and the 2nd Nomad.

And to finish off for today
Privateers New Model Preveiws

Circle Orboros Warcaster
Kaya thw Wildborne (alternate sculpt)
I have wanted to start a Circle force for a while now. But not keen on the old Kaya mini or the Argus in the Warpack box.  This new mini is exaclty what I want! And she looks great.

Retribution of Scyrah
Dawnguard Destors Cavalry

And in my opinion, the best one of the batch
Mercenaries Solo

Even if my Pirates have to become Four Star or Highborne I WILL be getting and using this model.
You can find out more on all the new preveiws on the Privateer Press main site LINK

So there we have it
Hope you all have a great holiday season
And get many many new toys!



  1. Just out of interest do you know which wholesaler MfM are using?

    I only ask I am in a similar situation, however my local shop has had nothing but problems with there supplier.

  2. Im not sure which he uses but the main PP suppliers in the UKare Gamecraft and Simple Miniature Games

  3. I think your schemes should work well...

    It will depend on the blue colour though.

    Post pictures!

  4. I have just been retouching the foundation colours because I found a better yellow base for the brass. Will start on the main colours tomorrow and then I'll post it up soon


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