Friday 9 October 2015

DEATHSTROKE CREW!!! and Batman rules updates

The latest rules update on the official Batman Forum has made a Deathstroke crew now possible.

Well, it's not exactly a Deathstroke crew, he has instead been given Sidekick Scarecrow to go along with the new Arkham Knight releases. Luckily he doesn't have a tank.

This does mean though that as a Sidekick he can be the Boss of a crew all on his own. Slade could lead the Arkham Knight's Militia or even a mob of Blackgate Prisoners or Arkham Lunatics.
Or if you wanted to you could go for a New Suicide Squad with Free Agents like Deadshot.
How about some head swaps to create Mirakuru soldiers to face Arrow?
All in all, this open up a lot of options.

The other rules changes add three new Traits. Col which has been included on Mr Freeze's gun, Gas which has been given to the other Scarecrow models and Supernatural which has been gained by Swamp Thing and Soloman Grundy.

We don't know what these Traits do 'yet' but could it be leading up to things like gas masks or even John Constantine?

You can see the full list of changes HERE and they will get added to the FAQ soon.

- Hendybadger

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