Wednesday 4 February 2015

Marvel / DC Review - Intergalactic Bastiches - Thanos + Lobo

Two of the biggest, baddest, intergalactic Bastiches have been added to the 35mm ranges from Knight Models.
The Mad Titan Thanos for Marvel and the Main Man Lobo for DC / Batman.

Both come in the usual KM packaging. Clear blister, foam and backing card. Lobo is in a small blister while Thanos is in a large one.

Inside you will find two 35mm scale, highly detailed, metal multi-part models, one stat card, one 30mm base and one 40mm base.

Thanos doesn't come with a stat card as there isn't a Marvel game at the moment.

Lobo is a 136 Rep, $500 Free Agent. He Hates Batman, Green Arrow and Law so can only be used by the 'bad' crews. His 'Main Man' rule also stops he working with any female characters. Sorry Harley, Ivy and Catwoman.
Lobo's stat are impressive. High Willpower, Strength, Attack and Endurance. Low Movement though.
He his packing his trademark weapons. A Big hook that lands 1 Blood and 1 Stun with Sharp and Reach and a Big Gun which dishes out 2 Blood with a ROF of 4!
His Traits make him even more dangerous. Brutal, Immortal, Master Fighter, Power Strike, Dirty Fighter, Psycho and Regeneration. Lobo is a beast on the table!

Thanos comes in three parts. Main body, head and right arm.
Lobo is also in three parts. Body and two arms.

The close up shows how nice and clean these models are. There is a small mould line around Thanos but it was going with a very quick file. Lobo barely needed any cleaning at all.
Then it's glue.....

Both of these are very simple models to assemble. I have cut the base tabs off to place them on Fenris Games base toppers.
Thanos will need a little filler around his arm joint but it's something I always expect from large metal models. Lobo will also need a little on his arm joint due to the position of his gun. Again, it was expected and could be a lot worse.

No suggested list for Thanos as there isn't a game or rules for him at the moment. There is talk of a Marvel game in the works though so he may hit the table one day.
Thanos hasn't had many costume changes over the last few years apart from it getting a little more detailed at times so I guess you could call this his 'classic' look.
I think KM missed out on one big thing with this model though. The Infinity Gauntlet.
I would have preferred it to have been sculpted on or even had an optional arm choice. The Gauntlet is what Thanos is all about.

You can find this model for around £25. This is the same price as Hulk, Venom and Thing but Thanos isn't as big and bulky as those so I think he should have been a little cheaper. Maybe the £18-20 mark?
But hey, it;s the Mad Titan. I would buy him no matter what.

I thought about doing a list for Lobo but as a Free Agent there are just so many options. The only restrictions being no goodies and no ladies. 
What about putting him with Black Mask? He would have the resources to hire the Main Man. Or pairing him with Titan Bane for some serious hitting power?

The design is based on the pre-new 52 Lobo when he had dreadlocks. So glad about that. Really not a fan of the new skinny one. 
He does have the dreaded 'foot on rock' but he looks badass and manages to pull it off really well with an impressive looking pose. It would be easy enough to replace the rock with brickwork.

Lobo is around £12. The usually KM price for human sized characters. As a 35mm scale, highly detailed metal model, I'm more than happy to pay that. 

My overall scores are-

Thanos - 6/10 Badger Points

Lobo - 9/10 Badger Points

I have always been a bigger Marvel than DC fan and love Thanos, but Lobo takes this one for me.

Will you be picking up either of them? Or Both?

- Hendybadger


  1. I'm a massive Thanos fan, so may pick him up eventually, but at the moment I'm trying to resist the Marvel figures as they are not part of the "game universe" and want to save my pennies for things that will actually be of use ;)

    Lobo seems an odd choice. He's not someone I'd immediately think of walking the streets of Gotham. I would have thought there were many more Batman-specific characters they could have sculpted for the game before Lobo, but perhaps I'm missing something!

    1. I think Lobo is more about the fact he's a popular character that a lot of people would want than him being a Batman character.

      As far as I know, Marvel IS coming.

  2. I've wondered about Lobo being included in the BMG setting as well. When Swamp Thing came out however it got me thinking that maybe the folks at KM are peppering in some characters that they really like, who aren't directly part of the Batman universe. I like the inclusion, as it also lends hope that some of the other stuff might get touched on at some point, like Justice League and maybe Injustice Gang etc.

    Ian, do you pin your models? A large piece like Thanos' arm being held on by glue alone would make me nervous not being pinned in some way. Also, are the rumours about a Marvel game strictly that, or would it be a broader superhero game from KM that would allow using the other DC characters like Flash and Superman too? Any chance you would know?

    1. I think KM are including popular DC characters that can fit in the power level. Superman and such will probably be saved for the next game.
      I don't often pin models but I do file the areas, make sure there is a strong hold with super glue and then green stuff the gap. Never had a problem that way.

      When asked about the Supers game inc Marvel a couple of days ago, the designer said they are working on it but it's taking longer than expected.

  3. Interesting, thanks. Truth be told I don't really need more rules for superhero gaming. With supersystem or power legion I can pretty mich build and play and character I want on the table top. There are some board and card game options too. That didn't stop me from preordering the print version of BMG however... :)

    1. Haha.
      I was the same to start with. Thought the models could work in other games. Then I started reading and got hooked as he rules really capture the feel of the characters and the universe.

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