Saturday 22 June 2013

Even More Deep Wars! Dark Mariners Heavy Biomech and the Rest of the Stretch Goals

Antimatter Games have been showing loads of new Deep Wars models coming up to the Kickstarter target of July. Even though I shared some just a couple of days ago, they have posted another HUGE beastie.

This is the Dark Mariners Heavy Biomech. A design that has been around since the art of the ShadowSea game, the model was funded as part of the Deep Wars Kickstarter stretch goals.
At the top you can see a size comparison shot next to 2 30mm based models. They are on high bases and one is even swimming above and they still look small next to the Biomech.

Below are some different angle shots so you see all the amazing detail Bob Olley has put into this piece and below that is a list of the Stretch Goals and how they are progressing.

The Deep Wars Mini-Kickstarter unlocked all sorts of underwater goodies with its campaign and chip-in option.
I have marked each with the faction they belong to and posted the most recent pictures of each in the order they are listed.
(FH - Fortune Hunters, DM - Dark Mariners, AA - Ancients of Atalan, SH - Scaly Horde, T - Terrain)

1. DM DeepSpawn Reaver - done
2. DM Vanguard Captain - done
3. FH Mad Scientist - starting
4. FH Templar Shadow Slayer - Done (send to casting)
5. T Hydrothermal Vents - done
6. AA Hydraform Mech - done (shipping)
7. FH+DM Weapon packs - Eric sculpting
8. DM Nautiloid Chrisalid - Eric sculpting
9. SH Clal-Chk warrior - done (send to casting)
10. SH Hag-ray - Done
11. DM Heavy Biomech - done (send to casting)
12. SH Abyssal Gark - starting
13. AA  Recon scout - done - coming with hydraform
14. SH Giant Anglerfish - done
15. SH Draconid Warrior - should be done soon
16. FH Medical Officer - done (send to casting)

DM DeepSpawn Reaver Biomech
DM Vanguard Captain
FH Mad Scientist
FH Templar Shadow Slayer
T Hydrothermal Vents
AA Hydroform Mech
FH+DM Weapon Packs
DM Nautiloid Chrystalid
SH Clal-chk Warrior
SH Hag Ray
DM Heavy Biomech
SH Gark Mangler
AA Recon Scout
SH Giant Anglerfish
SH Draconid Warrior
FH Medical Officer
This wave will also include the delayed Dagathonan Brute for the Scaly Horde

I will be honest and say I am looking forward to absolutely everything is this range.
Which ones do you like the look of the most?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I think the only ones I'm _not_ waiting on from the KS are the bike, the hydraform and the weapons pack.

    And I'm impressed enough with the hydra to (hopefully) pick that up when I get to Truro.

    1. I'm waiting on at least 1 of each not already released.
      I expect I will get more FHs and DMs for the weapon packs though.

  2. Already chopped and reposed a Vanguard Marine. :-D

    1. Do you have any pictures?

    2. Not yet. I suck at sorting out pictures. I'll try and remember to do him the next batch on Faceache.

      TBH, I'm not massively happy with him, as the pose doesn't quite hit the mark, but I'll get him photoed anyway.

    3. Looking forward to seeing it.


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