Thursday, 20 June 2013

Build it ........... and they will come!

I really don't know who 'they' are but it sounded like a good title in my head.
With that and the above picture, I bet you can guess what this is about! Yep, building things!

 Like most gamers I have all sorts of models lying around waiting for a bit of TLC. All of it needs building and painting. If I do the first, I then have no reason not to do the second!
My plan is to take the 3 main piles and build EVERY official model in them before I do anything else hobby wise. I say 'official' as I have several random models I want to add to games but I want to get all of the actual game ranges ones done first. The rest can wait for another time.

I thought I would photograph and list what I will be doing on here so you can see what I am up against.
I have 1 mini to paint for a forum exchange and then I can begin.

Pulp City - A couple of these are replacements for minis that have been damaged, some are doubles for alternate colour schemes and one is brand new and unseen! But you cant see that one properly in this photo. Mwah ha ha ha ha!
To do we have-
Giant Hadron, Sgt Bale, Doom Train, Shadow Mask, Green Serpent, Sanguine + Draku, 4x Ninjas, Sovereign, Perun, CORE, Jade Hawk, Tritonius and the other one!
There are now monthly releases for Pulp City so I'm sure this pile will get a couple of models a month if its not finished.

 DreadBall - This is all of Season 2 plus some other bits. That's a lot of mould lines!
There is -
Female Corporation x 10 + Helder
Z'Zor x 10 + Ludwig
Robots x 30 (10 of each position) + Firewall
Judwan x 10 + Mee'kel
Buzzcut, Gabe and Rico
All 5 Coaches, 4x Cheerleaders and 4x Trophies

Need to get these done quickly as I hear that Season 3 will be coming around the end of August.

Deep Wars - This drawer is basically everything for the game apart from the deluxe starter sets.
It includes-
Ancients of Atalan - Commander, 2x Shark Mech, Conjouror of the Ethers, 2x Elite Soldier, Crab Mech, 2x Mantaray Mech and Xicana the Elementalist,
Dark Mariners - Commander, Cephalid Biomancer, Deepspawn Reaver, Cavern Crawler, Siren of the Deep, Vanguard Captain and Vanguard Heavy Support.
Fortune Hunters - Commander, Big Game Hunter, Breaching Mech, Arcane Researcher, Sea Dog and a Silent Soldier.
Scaly Horde - 2x Commander, 2x Dire Fish Lizard, 2x Hag Ray, Steeljaw Placoderm
Plus 1 huge Ancient Weapon 

Not long at all to finish these. The rest of the Kickstarter shipment is due towards the end of July. That's going to be at least 17 new minis including some very big ones and some more of the terrain pieces.

There it is then. My crazy building project.
How are your 'to build' piles looking?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. That is...Quite daunting! Good luck mate!

    Try to reward yourself somehow when achieving a lot!

    1. But I know the 'reward' will just be more minis to add to the pile!

  2. Don't feel bad, your list is about 1/5th the length of mine!

    Any chance you have an idea of when we might expect the official release of the Pulp City v2 rules? I want to order that and several models so that I don't get dinged with multiple overseas shipping charges.

    1. Wow! How much do you have to do?

      I expect the PC rules around Aug/Sept but that's just a guess to be honest. They are in the final stages of testing though at the moment.

  3. wow that is a lot of stuff to get done. I feel mines quite manageable looking at that lot. But then when Requiem lands thats going to add nearly a 100 figs to me pile.

    1. Requiem?

      I just hope I can get through it before the next lots of Deep Wars and DreadBall. They will almost double it.
      Need to stop myself looking at others games as well because they will just make the pile bigger.

  4. wow you really went all-in on the Dreadball Robots! .. ok, I got 2 teams of them myself... they are just so very cool.

    My pile of waiting to be assembled? might be larger than my assembled but awaiting paint. I'ts more of a closet than a pile. Few Blood Bowl teams, all of Dreadball, a large ancient Celt army, large fantasy Goblin army, a small space battleship Yamato spaceship fleet, tyranid spaceship fleet to convert & create, 40k ork army, 15mm fantasy, and more.

    Good luck with all these projects! very curious to see what the Deepwars ends up like

    1. Found a good deal on them and Andrew at Shades of Chaos wanted 2 units of Robots for Warpath. He had the Jacks, I kept the Strikers and Guards.
      The extra 2 models from Striker pledges appeared a lot on eBay as well.

      That's a LOT of stuff to do!

  5. I got more than that to build.

    From where I'm sat, I can see a load of Confrontation dwarfs, Fenris deep-ones, a couple of Britannan starter packs, Collodi crew for Malifaux, eNemo tier 4 list for Warmachine, Galleon colossal for Warmachine, Veer-myn for Warpath and Dreadball, and some Foundry "jungle explorers" stuff and random byakhees and things for use in Strange Aeons. There is more, mostly Epic, but that's the bulk.

    And, I'm better at getting things built and undercoated, than getting things painted, so the "to paint" pile is much, much worse...

    1. That's just crazy!

      Dare I ask what's in the 'to paint' pile?

    2. Enough that the sun will have turned black before I'm done. :-D

      The main unpainted heap ranges through 40k, WHFB, Epic, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Man'o'War, Warmaster, Warmachine, Hordes, Flames of War, Confrontation, a little Infinity, Darklands, Secrets of the Third Reich/Incursion, Warpath, Dreadball, and lots of other small systems... There's lots painted, but lots unpainted too...

      Right at the moment though, I'm getting paint on test colour models. I've a Confrontation Tir Na Bor steamdwarf and a couple of GW beastmen I'm going to use for God of Battles, a Necromunda Escher, and a Veer-myn Nightcrawler. After that, I'm doing Searforge for Warmachine, then the Fortune Hunters starter plus a Silent Soldier and Sea Dog.

    3. Oh aye. This is the result of a long long habit (roughly 28 years), no kids, an eye for second hand when it's available, an irresponsible attitude toward gaming spending with a credit card, and then a couple of years working for a retailer. :-D

    4. I don't feel so bad about my pile how. Hehe.

      Do you ever look at it and go 'that's just too much' ? Or is it a challenge?

    5. Oh, there is too much, and I've got a load of it earmarked for ebay, but I suck at getting round to sorting that part out. The 40k is being cut down to just the painted stuff, and the other GW, PP and FoW stuff is getting culled too. I've got something for every Hordemachine faction but Menoth and Ret, and some of it has to go...

      And, it could be worse. Mate of mine says when he left the employ of GW HQ some years back, he had floor-to-ceiling boxes full of unbuilt plastic kits in his bedroom, to the point he could barely get to his bed.

    6. I have a mate in the same situation.
      Worked for GW for years and has a room just full of army cases. Each one without a space left.


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