Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Final ToaTS Clearence - Deep Wars + Pulp City inc Monsters

As I am in the middle of the crazy work hours weeks I thought I would post up what was left out our ToaTS clearance.
If you see anything you like, just email hendybadger@btinternet.com

There are still a few extras from the Deep Wars lot available. All new Unless otherwise stated.
Will sell at 'under' the original Kickstarter prices

Fortune Hunters
Breaching Mech - Built

Ancients of Atalan
Elite Soldier
Exoform Salvage Mech (crab)
Chariniform Assault Mech (shark) x2

Scaly Horde
Cthan the Ravenous - Commander
Hag Ray
Dire Fish Lizard
Steeljaw Placoderm

I have quite a few Pulp City Supremes left. £5 for small single minis, £8 for large minis or sets. (Monsters not included)
Happy to do deals on multiple minis.

Perun - New
Ninja Sensei - New
Core - New/Built
Sgt Bale - As new
Sgt Bale - Built
Jade Hawk - Base coated
Red Riding Hoodoo + Zombie Wolf - Part Built
Sovereign - New
Ace of Wraiths - New

Pulp City Ultimate Monster Kit - New x2 (HUGE!!!!)

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. hmmm....tempted by core....doc red....doc t and jade hawk...........

    1. Shoot me a PM on Facebook if its easier.

  2. Sucks you are overseas, as the shipping rates have gone up. Some of the Pulp figs are tempting but with the robotech kickstarter kicking me hard...cash isn't much to spare right now.

    1. Don't worry about shipping. I always keep that as low as possible.

  3. If Darth Tater doesn't want Core I'll take him, can finish off my heavy metal team.

    1. Will let you know as soon as I hear back from him.


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