Friday, 17 June 2016

Avengers Statues? Good plan!

Hey there,
Now Knight Models are re-releasing the older Marvel figures with rules for the new game, I am left with a few doubles including the 4 core members of the Avengers.

While I considered some alt colour schemes, I placed the models on the side and came up with a nw idea.
Avengers Mansion in the comics is often shown with statues of the most popular (and dead) team members.

After a few different lay outs, I have settled on the group above.
These will all bronzed and be rebased on some sort of large plinth but with pins instead of being glued.
This means they can be taken off one statue at a time and used to throw at enemies in game.

More on this when I find a decent stand for them. Any ideas?

What do you do with older versions of model that get released again?

- Hendybadger


  1. Good idea to use them as statues :)

    For plinths, you could check out this company or maybe a visit to a local jewellers as some of them will do trophies and may have something suitable

    1. Those are perfect. Thanks Tamsin.
      I'll see what size and I need and go shopping.

  2. Hendybadger, you also have three of the four members of the "Hydra Four" in that group! If I ever come across a cheap Avengers starter pack I'm going this route with them:

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Good plan. Just need a Hawkeye.
      I've seen someone do Hydra X-men and they look great.

  3. some blue/pink insulation foam in the right shape draw rocks on with a pencil then add a couple of layers of card on each side to get the A effect do it right you can even recess the bases and you could have a nice display board if you ever want to take an avengers statue team to a tournament?


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