Friday 28 August 2015

New Knight Models Batman + Marvel Releases

It's that time of the month again folks, Knight Models have posted up their new Batman and Marvel releases.
I know I have said they are getting better each time, but this month they have really stepped it up and cranked out some stunning minis.

Rocket Raccoon, core member of the Guardians of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Although the Marvel models don't have rules yet, I'm glad he's out now for when the game happens.
Plus the model looks awesome.

Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood. The second Robin turned bad then good(ish) again.
Red Hood is a 88 Rep $500 Free Agent for a Batman crew. Armed with Dual Handguns, the Takedown ability and the Arkham Knight themed Teamwork, he's a great addition.

Azreal, crusader for the Church of St.Dumas and potential replacement for Batman.
At 77 Rep and $150, Azreal adds a lot of Blood Damage as a Free Agent for Batman. His Sword of Sin is Sharp, has Crit Fire and even rolls two Crit dice and uses BOTH results.

Harley Quinn gets some help in the form of a Henchman pack. 38 Rep and $250 together they ar a good boost to her crew and the addition of an RPG will cause issues to the bigger foes.

Hugo Strange, creator of Arkham City leads his patients into the battle. Able to control and boost Henchmen with Mental Disorder Traits, Hugo is a bargain at only 44 Rep. He can be taken as a Free Agent with the Riddler, League of Shadows, Black Mask and Organised Crime.
The Arkham Inmates cost 67 Rep for the Free and can be taken by any Villain crew, They are better alongside Hugo though.

Previewed here recently, the Riddler appears with a whole Bot army.
The key points of this new crew are three different types of Bot that can be taken up to three times each and the fact they don't use normal objectives. Each model can lay down Clues during their activation and the VP per turn is worked out by the amount on the table. The opponent can remove them though!

Batman and Law Forces get a new Objective in the form of the Bat Signal.
This can be marked as On or Off by manipulating it and gives VP at the end of the round depending on the setting. It also has room to add an LED if you really want it to work.

Finally are some Riddler and Red Hood markers. Used for Willpower, Action Counters, Ammo or whatever you like.

What do you think of this new batch of releases?
Will you be picking any of them up?

I'm off to place a sizeable order!
- Hendybadger


  1. This round of releases is pretty jaw-dropping. I'm very excited about all the new stuff (minus Riddler sadly).

  2. Like all the models apart from the Riddler just does not float my boat for some reason.

  3. Riddler doesn't stand out as the best model to me this time but his crew style and way he plays make me want to give him a shot


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