Monday, 20 July 2015

Building the Asylum

As you may have seen the other day, the fantastic team over at Knight Models sent over this fantastic Arkham Asylum kit for me to test out.
Before I cover it in more detail, I thought I would post up a few WIP pics.

I do need to state though that this is a PROTOTYPE kit and has one or two things that need changing before the final release.
Luckily, anything I found was reported to KM and fixed the same day!

Above you can see the main body of the Asylum. I did mean to take pictures as I was building it, but to be honest I was just too damn excited!!!!

Next step of the main buildings. Adding the balconies to the front and back and the towers with gargoyles on top.

Another shot of the finished main building. This thing is HUGE!!!!! That board it's sitting on is 3 feet wide.

The next step was the Arkham Guard towers and front gate with pair of angels. The right angel make look like the base is off to the side a bit, but I wanted the wings central. The base will be covered with grass and such anyway.

Prepping the outer fences. That is a pair of GW clippers to give you a sense of scale.

Aaaaaaand built! This thing takes up an entire 3x3 board all on it's own. I have added a couple of little tweaks to cover the areas that needed fixing but I'll show them in more detail next time.
Now I just need to decide on paint and how I'm going to do the board.
Grass and paths like in the Rulebook?
All concrete courtyard like is shown in Gotham?
A mix of courtyard and grass like Assault on Arkham?

What do you think?

- Hendybadger


  1. That is a monster of a building kit - looks pretty darned good though :)

    1. It's huge. Got some more shots in a few days.

  2. Wow, most impressive building, and beautiful!

  3. Most impressive! I definitely will consider buying it once it is released. The major downside will be it is a bit too Batman themed, while I like my boards to be as flexible as possible and usable for a few systems.

    1. Could you maybe cover up the names and logos on it?


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