Wednesday 21 January 2015

Batman Model Review - Black Canary and Speedy / Arsenal

I think it's about time I caught up with the Knight Models reviews on here.
By the time I have covered the Nov and Dec releases, it will be time for the Jan ones to arrive!

First up are two of Green Arrows partners in crime fighting. Black Canary and Speedy / Arsenal.

The models come in the usual Knight Models blister packs. Parts held in tightly with foam and the stat card also acts as the display side showing a lovely painted example of each model.
Inside you will find....

Two 30mm bases, two new design fold out stat cards and two multipart, high detailed 35mm scale metal miniatures.

Black Canary is a 69 Rep $0 Free Agent for Green Arrow. An Eratta has also added Batman to her affiliation so she can also be used in a Birds of Prey crew with Batgirl and Huntress.
As a close combat specialist, shes comes with Martial Artist, Acrobat, Hidden and Technique. While shes doesn't have any weapons, Canary can still dish out Stun Damage with her bare hands.

Speedy / Aresenal is a 74 Rep $200 Sidekick for the Green Arrow crew. This is not a man you want to get in the way of. Standard Arrows with 2 Blood Damage and an Explosive Arrow combined with Rapid Fire means he is fully kitted out for taking down even the largest enemies at range.
With the Red Hood out this month, I hope he will also work with Speedy as an Outlaws crew would be great. Then I just need to start begging for Starfire!

A closer look at the parts for each.
Speedy has a main body, head, quiver, bow arm and arrow arm.
Black Canary has a main body, head and two arms.

As you can see on the bodies, neither of the models really had any mould lines to worry about. A quick run over each with a file and they were ready to build.

The builds for each models were fairly simple. Both models arm tabs needed  little trim to fit snug but that's something I expect to do with metal models anyway so it wasn't really an issue.
For these models I have removed the base tabs and placed them on resin toppers to match the rest of my collection.
Do be careful with Speedys bow though, the part where the bow and hand meet is easy to bend so I expect it would be just as easy to break. The size means it wouldn't be easy easy to fix!
Honestly, my only complaint for either would be the classic 'foot on rock'! To be fair, it would be easy enough to remove and replace with something more street-like and it does give each an awesome action pose.

I wanted to sow this stunning painted image again as it's Knight Models own copies and the photo was taken by Luis and Celso, the graphic designer and community manager, specifically for this review! (Thank You!)

Each of these models is going to cost you roughly £12. Maybe a little more or less depending on where you buy them. That's about the normal character price for the other big games on the market, plus these are amazingly high detail, a larger scale and licensed. To me £12 is fine. I wouldn't complain if they were cheaper, but who would?

While they haven't had a Leader to be used with yet, the end of this month sees the Arrow from the CWs hit show so you can expect some killer crews to be out there soon.

Arrow - 125 Rep
Speedy - 74 Rep - $200
Canary - 69 Rep
Huntress - 66 Rep - $100
Baton Cop - 16 Rep (Could pass for Diggle)
This gives you a low model count but dangerous looks 350 Rep crew. You will have some $$$ spare but I wouldn't worry about that with the amount of arrows that will be flying about. Make sure you take an Ammo Crate objective and hope you opponent has one as well.

Overall, I LOVE these two models. Great sculpts, great rules, easy to build but each has foot on rock.
The scores are going to be......

Speedy - 9 / 10 Badger Points

Black Canary - 8 / 10 Badger Points

I would highly recommend picking up both of these!

What do you think of them?

Next up, the Al Ghuls!

- Hendybadger


  1. I already picked these up as they both look fantastic.
    It is a bit of a shame the new Arrow pose is so static while his possible crewmembers have such nice dynamic poses.

    1. You could always use the Comic Green Arrow with the new Arrow rules card. I think the three of them would look great together.

  2. I do agree that something like a crate or fire hydrant would be more interesting than a rock for them to stand on. I've never really liked the hat Speedy wears in that version, but the models are both fantastic looking.

    1. The new Arrow comes with an alternate hooded head that could work as a replacement.
      I think the rocks on mine may get turned into something else.

  3. I am not a fan of their use of the twisted spine syndrome. It looks daft in comics and even dafter in 3D but that's just me I guess. They are very nicely detailed models...

    1. I think they were going to the comic look and to have it too realistic may not have given such extreme action poses.


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