Friday, 30 January 2015

Arkham City Limits Now Official! Jan Highlights

Penguin and Crew by Jorg Waitforit

I have mentioned the Facebook group Arkham City Limits on here a few times now as my favourite place to go for Batman Minis Game discussion and models.
Well, what was a fan group originally, has now become 100% official!
As of this week, Arkham City Limits is the official group for the Batman game with the full support of Knight Models
They even have a crew painting competition going on at the moment with the top 3 prizes being the special Talia tournemanet only card!

If that isn't enought to tempt you over to have a look, I have picked a few of my favourite images from the last month on there.

Adam Reeves has turned this Blackgate Prisoner into a Joker fan.

Adam has also created Soloman FUNdy

Andy Leighton's stunning Batman and Robin

Brandon Jackson has swapped Jokers knife out for a crowbar. Poor Jason.

Brandon has also painted up Bruce and Damien to take the Joker down

Crispian Woolford is working on a court house for Gotham. Dents building of choice.

Arkham Origins Bane by Edward Hanby

Jack Glanfield has been doing some amazing stuff with UV paint

Jack has also added large bronze statues to his board for that 90's movie feel

Green Arrow by Justin Timothy

Arkham City Batman by Kent Ing

Matthew Malcomson is creating Two Face Mobsters out of Black Mask Henchmen

ADAM WEST leads to cops. Painted by Myk Myers

Robert Zane Solo is working on a very impressive Ferris wheel for Jokers Fun Land

Scott Crowe has added extra vegetation to Ivy and her plants. Helped out by a great mettalic Deathstroke.

Wille Vertanen has DKR leader the Origins Bane Mercs. Helped out by Deadpool as a stand in for Deathstroke.


  1. There are some fantastic examples of painting and terrain building on that group. I only wish even half of it got shared over on the official forums too. Simply because I don't particularly like using Facebook.

    1. It worth looking at the group as a forum and just using Facebook for that. I know of a few that do already. Even if it's with a fake profile.


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