Thursday 25 November 2010

And So It Begins!

The date - 25 Nov 2010
The E.mail - Welcome to the Press Gang
The mood - Very Very happy

So there we go. I am now an official Privateer Press PressGanger. So many plans and ideas!

Lets go back and start at the begining .

Me and my Toys!
My name is Ian Henderson. I am a 26yr old Wargamer and member of North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics gaming club.
I used to play Wargames when I was around 13 but stopped for quiet a while.
5 years ago I met my (now) wife and she took me into a model store. I have been collecting, building and playing since.
I starter playing Warmachine and Hordes about a year ago around the start of Mk2. After a play around with Khador I went for a large Retribution force. I then found my real love - PIRATES!
As you can tell by my picture I am abit of a pirate fan in general. I currently have a Talion Charter force of around 50pts with Captain Shae. And still afew minis yet to be built for it, including 2 other Casters.
This is and will always be my main army. I already have plans to take it up to 100pts and even further.
Thats without expanding into the other Merc contracts. I keep looking at Seaforge!
I am also in the process of creating a Blindwater Congregation Minions force. Over 20pts at the moment and waiting for more models to turn up / be released including the Forces book.

My next model plans include Grind and Monsterpocalypse which myy wife is getting me for Xmas. So many MonPoc models I like already and want to pick up. (This is going to get expensive)

As for Warmachine I want to expand my little Cryx force into a large 100pt+ force based on PIRATES! The more the better. Unsure on the Satyxis yet but I cant wait to get started on the Revenants and Ogrun.
I also want to expand the Khador into a Jacks, Mechs and MoWs only force because I love the models.
Hordes is going to the same sorts of sizes. Gators will grow and maybe get Farrow added.
Legion Beasts + Creatures and Circle Druids, Wolds + Wolves are also in planning.

Game wise I get to play atleast a couple of times a week at home or at our local club. And now Im a PGer I hope to play even more at other clubs including demos and intros.
The NCBB club has a WM/H league running at the moment. I am in 2nd so far but have only played 2 games with my 40pt Shae Tier 4 army. Won both though!

The Future
The club is planning a Breast Cancer Brawl tournament for March which I hope will go well.
And I also plan to run PP based games, events and intros at some of next years big gaming events.

So thats all for now I guess
If you want help with any events or intros ect please feel free to contact me
Have fun and Play like youve got a Pair!

Ian out...........


  1. Congrats on making it to the Press Gang!

  2. Thanks very much. There will be more interesting stuff on here in the near future but I just wanted to get it rolling

  3. Excellent news Ian. I'm very happy for you and hope to see some great things.


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