Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Pulp City Heros and Villains only days away!

The photos below have just been posted up on the Pulp City Facebook Page. (click to view larger)
The box and art work for the new releases.
Available to buy as of Monday March 5th. So should be here for my birthday! Yay!

This release includes
Heros - Way of the Fist and Blade
Crimsom Oni
Foxxy Blade

Villains - Necroplane
Doom Train
Night Fright and Leech

Villains - Jade Cult
Shadow Mask
Green Serpent
Jade Cult Ninjas

Pictures of all the minis can be seen >>HERE<<

Which ones do you like the most?
For me it has to be Doom Train and Night Fright. Cant wait to play a full Lvl12 Necroplane team

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


  1. Don't care much for Doom Train, but Night Fright is a must-have. All about the Fist and the Blade for me.

    1. It was mentioned a while back that the Way of Fist and Blade will somehow work with Sgt. Bale, Chimp Chi and Chronin aswell.

  2. And maybe some other rooftop vigilante types...


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