Thursday, 1 March 2012

Future Pulp City Heroes and Villains

I have recently taken over a thread on the Pulp City Forums about possible future Supremes.
A detailed list of characters mentioned in the fluff, suggested by the Design Team and spotted in artwork.
You can find the thread >>HERE<<

To go with this thread I thought I would be a good idea to gather the artwork of the Supremes scattered around the net all in one place.
Artists include - Melvin de Voor, Sergus
Some have names already, some don't. (Or I just haven't found them yet)
(click any pics to view larger)

Spybreaker - Leader - Supreme Alliance

Coldfire - Supreme Alliance

Atomic Armadillo Man Beast aka A-Beast - Supreme Alliance

Battlesuit 7 - Supreme Alliance

Un-named - Supreme Aliance

Malcolm and the Efreet - Forgotten

Papa Zombie - The Coven

Comte Vendredi riding Dead Guard - The Coven

Green Emperor - Jade Cult - Teaser

Terror Cotta Warriors - Jade Cult

Blacksmith - Blood Watch - Teaser

Red Bella + the Primates of Power- ARC

Tekkna - New Heros Starter

Aurelius - New Villain Starter

Nuke 2 - New Villain Starter

Ace of Wraiths 2 - New Hero Starter

Deadliner - Necroplane

Mecha Spartans - Forgotten Minions

GP - Joyride, Mercedes and Velocity.
An entry into Supreme Genesis 3. Not sure if they will be made or not.


Lady in Red

New Ulthar Libra?

Necroplane Harvest Ships? (background)

Bad Alice


Alya - M.E.T.E.O.R alternate



100 Voices + Imps

Byte Dragon - CORE

Monster Concepts

If there are any other bits of artwork out there I have missed or mentions In the fluff I haven't listed, please post them up here on on the forum thread.

Which do you like the look of the most?
I'm hoping for Feartigo, Carnivern, Grimm and Lady in Red soon

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

The Hendybadger


  1. Wasn't there a piece of art floating around for the new Ace of Wraiths?

    1. Good point. Not sure how I forgot that one.
      Will add it in. Thanks


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