Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pulp City Avengers Additions and WIP (2012 11+1)

Before I get into the PC Avengers pics and such there are a couple of things all Supers fans need to see.
First up, Doc Warlock over at the Pulp City Planet Blog has posted some stunning Pulp City Supremes concept art by Melvin de Voor (creator of Hendybadger)
If you like that, you can see more on my post about Future PC Supremes >>HERE<<

Next, well, I don't think this needs explanation of why its so awesome (click any pic to view larger)

On to the point of the blog now.
Although I haven't actually 'finished' painting any models this month I have started 10. Got the base coats on lots of my Pulp City Avengers.

The big 4!
Nuclear Jones / Iron Man, Tritonious / Hulk, Sovreign / Captain America (Bucky) and Perun / Thor
Im happy with Iron Man but not sure on a couple of bits with the others.
Should Hulks boots be blue like his belt and symbol?
Should Caps trousers be blue like his coat?
Should Thors body suit be blue like his tights? And should his boots and belt be gold instead of yellow?
What do you think?

 3 Long standing Avengers.
Arquero / Hawkeye, Red Riding Hoodo / Scarlet Witch and Trail / Vision
I wanted to do Vision abit closer to the original colours but with the massive yellow cape, yellow shorts and boots just seemed abit much.

Another 3 members.
Androida / Jocasta, Riposte / Black Widow and Kitty / Tigra
Unsure on Black Widows tiara. Stay silver or go gold?

There are 3 more I have pushed back to the next set. Captain Hadron / Hank Pym, Moonchild / Hellcat and Deadeye / Steve Rogers.
They wont be on their own though. They will be getting some new recruits!

Crimson Oni as Iron Fist

A fairly good match. Look similar and Oni is powered by a Phoenix feather similar to Iron Fists power

Solar as The Sentry

Another very close appearance. Solar uses the power of the sun, Sentry has 'The power of a thousand exploding suns'
To top that off, they both have an evil dark side. Avatar of the Jaguar and the Void

Jade Hawk as Black Panther

Apart from the obvious sex issue they have a very similar look to them.

Skyline as Moon Knight

Made for each other? Same look, uses tech, has a staff, rooftop hunter at night etc

That the team so far then. Still more to add including Minions but dont want to take on too much.
And there is the Pulp City X-Men to work on!

The painting will continue this week. With the GW paint change over I didn't want to start then not be able to use my new paints on the way as they are different. Will use them from the beginning instead.

Hendyabadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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