Friday, 9 March 2012

New Pulp City Supremes available to order - Inc NINJAS!

As the title says, the new wave of Pulp City Supremes are finally available to pre-order from the Web-store (link). Should be ready to ship on the 13th.
All can be seen below. Click pics to view larger

The first set includes Doom Train and Night Fright. Bringing the Necroplane sub-faction up to a full L12 team. Yay!
Doom Train , a L2 necro-energy driven suit of armour, has been haunting the dreams of Iron Train. But what or who is he?
Night Fright and his trusty sky-board Leech are 2 L1s on one base! Could it be the remains of the legendary Night Fly who disappeared during the Necroplane Invasion? His statue still stands in the city to this day.

Crimson Oni and Foxxy Blade are the first members to be seen from the 'Way of the Fist and Blade'
Heroic L2 Oni had his powers increased by claiming a Phoenix feather. Does he have a connection to the Jade Cult though?
Foxxy Blade is a L1 Hero/Villain and a master of anything with a blade. She is going to be very useful to all interested parties in the city.

Next up is the first pack for the Jade Cult. Villains from Little Asia.
The Green Serpent is the L2 daughter of the Green Emperor himself. A master assassin and ninja, she can take out anybody anywhere.
Her support comes in the form on the Jade Cult Ninja minions. 2 bodies, 4 heads, 4 pairs of weapon/arms, endless options. The ninjas can also be used to back up Crimson Oni if your more of a Hero player.
Not only are these going to look great in Pulp City, they could be used as ninjas in many other games. Maybe the Hand? The Foot? Another body part?

 The final box in this release is also for the Jade Cult. A pair of scary L1 Villains.
Shadow Mask is the chosen of the Green Emperors court and a highly skilled assassin. Also the arch enemy of Heavy Metals Chronin.
Tanuki is almost a legendary beast. An enhanced raccoon that's skilled in all sorts of potions and powders.

That's all the new toys then.
I may have sort of ordered all of them. Whoops!
Oh well, birthday prezzie to myself for later this month!

Whats in store next for Pulp City? Cant wait to find out.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Race is on to see who gets theirs painted first!

  2. Very nice. Those are some cool minis.

    1. They are indeed. Looking foward to the Necroplane ones the most

  3. Hey, my birthday is the 15th of this month...birthday to both of us!

  4. Some funky looking models especially liking the doom train.

    I sent you a message through your profile about the competition you entered over at Might be worth a quick gander at our blog or the message as you are our first winner and would hate to have you miss out on your prize.

    1. Oh yay! Thanks so much.
      I dont have any messages for some reason.
      time to take a look at the winning minis


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