Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tor Gaming / Relics News - Reward Points and Demo Team


There has been some great news from Tor Gaming in he last couple of days.
Reward points when buying from them and a new demo team!

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Tor Gaming store loyalty scheme

Posted by on Mar 13, 2012 in New Releases
With a new store come new opportunities! One such new opportunity is a Loyalty Scheme to award you lovely people for buying our models!

It has taken me a little while to get around to setting it up, but rejoice for it is now done! you can find the details of how the cunning little bugger works here but basically, for every full £1 you spend, you earn 1 point. for every 25 points you have, this can be converted to £1 credit. Not too shabby I think you will agree!

I had planned to have this in place when the new store went live a little while back but didn’t manage it. Because of this, some people have purchased through our store and haven’t benefitted from this scheme as it was not in place!! Shock horror etc.

Well, fear not my lovely people. I have just gone through all the orders received on the new store and applied points to the accounts that need them. So, if you have spent on the new store, you should now find you account has the points allocated to it!

So, there you have it. Get spending!!!

What’s the Reliquary?

The Reliquary is the official Tor Gaming demo and promotion program that allows the players to get involved in the games we produce by demoing and promoting them at their local stores, shows and clubs.
This is not a thankless task though, oh no. for each event a Reliquaries runs, they earn ‘Credits’. The number of ‘Credits’ you earn is dependant on the type of event, the period of time it takes and/or the number of participants involved.
For example, you will earn 3 ‘Credits’ per hour that you demo Relics.
At this time, these ‘Credits’ can then be used to buy stuff from our on-line store and Zazzle store.
Click for More Details

Application Location Preference

We are accepting applications from almost anywhere. However, we are particularly interested in UK players wishing to apply. So, if you are in the UK and are thinking of joining, DO SO!!!!

Apply Now!!!

In the first instance, please use the button below to register you interest. We will then get back to you to with a series of questions to be answered and request your pictures if you application has progressed beyond the first review.
Contact Us Now!

Early Bird Application!!!

Apply to join the Reliquary now and if your application is approved before the end of April, you will earn 50% of your demo forces cost back as Reliquary credit at the end of your probation. Yep, get in now and get half the cost of your two demo forces refunded as credit to your store account.
Your application must be in and accepted before the end of April, this includes pics of your painted forces. The refund will be applied to your Reliquary account at the end of your probation.


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