Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pulp City Marvels Project - The Avengers - The Plan

Hi again all,
I have been planning a fun little (or not so) project. Painting up as many Pulp City Supremes as I can in Marvel inspired colour schemes.
I'm going to do this in a few separate teams / groups.
The first of which will be my own Pulp City take on the Avengers!
All of which will be Heros or Hero/Villains.

So here is the plan. (click any images to view larger)

Perun as Thor

The Norse god of thunder and the Slavic god of thunder. Doesn't get much closer than that.

Nuclear Jones as Iron Man

Both men powered by a nuclear reactor in their bodies. Another perfect match.

Tritonious as Hulk

The hulking , big, muscled brute.

Arquero as Hawkeye

I don't think that one need any explaining at all.

Riposte as Black Widow

I know Riposte has a sword but this match was based more on the look and the physical combat skills.

Sovereign as Captain America (Bucky)

This was abit more of a tedious link. Pulp City doesn't have an all American hero or shield carrier (yet) but they do have an all English hero with a gun. Sort of fits the Bucky role.

Trail as Vision

The cape, mask, collar and gloves on Trail just shouted Vision as soon as I saw him.

Red Riding Hoo Doo as Scarlet Witch

Mainly down to the look of the 2 minis. But there is a slight magic/voodoo link there as well.

Captain Hadron as Giant Man / Ant Man

With the ability to shrink and grow, Hadron was the perfect Hank Pym

Androida as Jocasta

A female android. Spot on.

Kitty Cheshire as Tigra

They were made to be each other!

Moonchild as Hellcat

There's tedious links, then there's this one.
I needed another lvl1 to balance the team and Hellcats scheme would look nice on Moonchild. Plus in Avengers Reborn, Hellcat looked a LOT like Moonchild.

Deadeye as Steve Rogers

The PCA team needed a Lvl3 to lead them. Then it was pointed out on the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook Group that Deadeye and Steve Rogers looked amazingly similar.

That the team for now.
I do have plans to add Warmachine, Iron Fist, The Thing and The Sentry but they are all Lvl2 Supremes and I want to add a Lvl1 with each to keep it balanced. But I may just get carried away and do them anyway.
To add to those there will also be some BOOM Minions in the form of Red Hulk, Spider Woman and Quicksilver.

If you can think of any more pairings between Pulp City Heros or Hero/Villains and Marvel Avengers them please post them below.

I think I need to build some more models!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!



  1. Looking forwards to seeing these painted up! :)

    1. They are at the front of the cue. I have even ordered some new brushes for the job

  2. Fantastic concept. Looking forward to them!

  3. Very ambitious project. Your modeling vision is astounding, Sir. Watching and waiting.

  4. Those are some very nice match-ups. I'm looking forward to more.

    1. Will hopefully have some progress up soon

  5. Awesome list happy you went with riposte for widow she works well with arquero.

    Good thinking on the Bucky/ Steve rogers

    1. There seems to be a couple of nice teams in the list


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