Thursday, 15 March 2012

2011 11+1 Changes - Inc the Pulp City Avengers

At the beginning of Feb Varagon at the Pen and Lead Blog set a 2012 11+1 painting challenge.
Its mainly for those that always find an excuse not to paint. 12 minis in 11 months. Easy right? Hmmmm

I'm painting up some Pulp City minis as I have LOADS of those to do.
My first painting list was a basic variety of Supremes but I have decided to change it around a little.
If I can get at least 12 done I will be happy. More will just be a bonus.
There are 4 groups of models I want to do so here they are. Some do cross over between different groups.

Pulp City Avengers
Perun - Thor
Tritoniuos - Hulk
Nuclear Jones - Iron Man
Sovereign - Captain America
Arquero - Hawkeye
Riposte - Black Widow
Androida - Jocasta
Trail - Vision
Captain Hadron - Giant/Ant Man
Solar / Dark Solar - The Sentry
Moon Child -Hellcat
Kitty Cheshire - Tigra
Loup Garou - Beast
Red Riding Hoodoo - Scarlet Witch
Iron Train - Warmachine
Deadeye - Steve Rogers
And others

Heros - Heavy Metal
CORE + 3 access points
Dr Mercury - Done
Captain Hadron inc Giant and Mini
Nuclear Jones
Iron Train
Lady Cyburn

Villains - Necroplane
Dr Tenebrous
Supreme Zed
Doom Train
Sanguine + Draku
Night Fright + Leech

Specials + Monsters
Grimm x3 Hulking, Elder + Driller
PC Monster - Dino
PC Monster - Daemon
Selection of Monsters from other companies

So that's the plan.
Along with the Pirates, ships and PanO in the works as well.

Hendybadger out

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