Saturday, 3 March 2012

2012 11+1 Challenge - Feb Done + March WIP

Ok, I sort of forgot to post this by the end of Feb.
I have finished my first month of the 2012 11+1 Challenge set by Varagon at the Pen and Lead Blog

I give you - Dr Mercury (click pics to view larger)

Mithril silver, black wash and a high gloss finish.
Mounted on a Fenris Games resin base.
He didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped. I did want to make the finish smoother but had problems with paint thickness on the first layer.
I like the finished result but I am going to do another in the future to try and get him closer to what I wanted.

March WIP
I have started on 2 more. Seabolt and Nuclear Jones.
Plan to have both finished this month if I can along with my Pulp City painting exchange mini.
(recognise the Nuclear Jones colour scheme?)

Here is the full list as it stands at the moment.

2012 11+1 Challenge
1. Dr Mercury - Done
2.Nuclear Jones - WIP
3.Seabolt - WIP
4. Arquero + Avatar of the Jaguar
5. Captain Hadron - inc Mini + Giant
6. Vector + 4 Pixels
7. Francis Gator + 6" swamp
8. CORE + 3 tokens
9. Dr. Tenebrous
10. Sovereign

11. (something special) 3 Grimm - Hulking, Elder and Driller

+1. (something even more specialer) PULP MONSTER!!!!!

Im off back to the painting table.
Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Nice! I think Dr. Mercury came out great.

    1. Thanks Joe. The one part the photo didnt capture is the gloss. It does look more like molten metal in person


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