Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pulp City Mini Exchange + Competition Minis

I have finally finished my model for the Pulp City Forum painting exchange. 4 days early!. And she will be heading off to Darth Tater tomorrow. (click pics to view larger)

I'm not a very experienced painter. Only painted 45 minis in 5 years and the first 25 were flat colour Tyranids.
But when this exchange was posted I jumped at the chance to take part.
I was picked to paint for Darth Tater and I will be receiving a mini from greenstuff_gav. (Called Lily, so pretty)

After a chat with Darth I got him to list a couple of sub-factions he enjoyed playing and the minis he didn't have from them. Then in secret I picked Blood Rose and started to paint.
I know the basics about mini painting but haven't put many of them into practise. Until now that is.
Picked a colour scheme similar to the official one and just went for it. I did make sure there was a good helping of pink on it though after other painters joking on the forums that they were going to use lots of it.

At the end of this, and ignoring all of my excuses,  I'm very impressed with how she turned out. The pics arn't great but I swear she looks better in person. (I think its time for a new light set-up)
And the best part is that Darth Tater likes it as well!

The painting bug has hit me now. Already got another 6 minis on the table. Then spotted the rumours about the new GW Citadel paint range. Time to start saving for a new Mega Paint Set.
If you haven't seen the rumours yet, then check out the Bell of Lost Souls Lounge.
Going from 72 colours to 144!!! Including Brass and Pink!

In the post yesterday was the Nurgle Lord, painted by the Mighty Simo, that I won in the Cupboard of Nurgle blog giveaway.
Thought I would stick up a couple more shots because it is amazing!

And finally for today,
There is still time to win a Pulp City Green Serpent Ninja!
All you need to do is follow this blog and when we reach 100 followers (only 12 to go) 1 will be picked at random to receive a brand new copy of this stunning model.

After the Green Serpent Giveaway there will be more as well. Keep an eye on here to find out what and when.

Hendybadger out


  1. That looks like an excellent job on Blood Rose. I like your color choices. The pink looks good on her, too.

    1. Thanks Joe. Im just glad I got the pink to work


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