Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Models for Infinity - (And tokens?)

Over the last couple of weeks I have started to look at Infinity. A sci-fi skirmish game set in the near future.
After a demo game at the PAW convention and a couple of friends saying 'go on' I picked up a PanO force.
Still yet to learn how they work.

I have now started to keep an eye out for Infinity news. And today there was a whole batch of new releases posted. So I thought I would share them here as well. (click any pics for larger views)

Feb 2012 Infinity Releases

Aleph - Myrmidon with Spitfire

Ariadna - Zouaves w/ rifle + D.E.P

Nomads - Reverend Custodier w/ boarding shotgun

Yu Jing - Yaopu Pangguling w/ EVO repeater or combi rifle

And then there is my personnel favourite of the bunch.
PanOceania - Jotums TAG w/ Multi HMG + Heavy FT
To show you just how big this model is, there is also a scale shot
The other models in the above pic are standard 28mm models on 25mm bases.
Cant wait to get hold of this one!

There was also something else interesting in the pics that were shown.
Plastic tokens!

I wish I knew about these a couple of weeks ago. Spent soooooooo long cutting out a whole pile of cardboard ones. Oh well, they look nice and I'm sure I will be picking up a set or 2.

What do you think of the latest releases?
Which is your favourite? And why?

'Sci-fi' Hendybadger out


  1. Sci-Fi Handybadger is an great avatar - he'd best be around more often!
    As for the releases, Infinity just keep wowing me month on month. I think I will be investing in a proper rule booka t some point and get my Morat (Combined Army monkey men) out of retirement. Also an excuse to buy the engineer with the Autocannon... :-)

  2. Its a pic I found online ages ago. Cant remember where unfortunatly.
    You need an excuse?


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