Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ships, Ships and more ........... things!

I know there hasn't been much personal model content on here over the last week but that's because  have been busy working on lots of projects.
First up, I have ordered a couple of ships! With interest in Legends of the High Seas growing in the area I have decided to pick up some transport for my crews.
The Games of War Sea Dog (above and 1st pic below) and the Minimi  Small Sloop (2nd pic below)
Will take a closer look at those on here when they arrive.

Also started on some of the the new Black Scorpion pirates I picked up at the PAW show. Including the stunning Diamond Joe and Hired Hands.

At the other end of time, I have started up a rather sizable force of Pan Oceania for Infinity. again picked up at PAW. Still learning how to play though. I know its odd for me to have some sci-fi but I quite enjoy it.
Minis being built include the PanO Cutter and Military Orders starter box.
Both have reviews lined up for the blog in the next few days.

To help us play Infinity, a couple of us have being doing abit of a scenery remodel. Almost 2 cities worth of 40K scenery now have extra cover, ladders, more walls and less open windows. Should give NO LoS from one board edge to the other.

Then theres my ever growing Pulp City collection.
With the website and forum having bugs over the last few days I have been at the models more and on the laptop less. (all seems to be working now though)
On the table is a painting exchange mini for Darth Tater, Dr Merc and Avatar of the Jaguar for Varagons 2012 11+1 painting challenge and a couple of my show Supremes that I think need abit more highlighting.
Plus a pile of yet to be made Heros and Villains. Oh well, will keep me busy for a while.

Also having a big ebay clearout. Everything from Monsterpocalypse to Puppet Wars (inc Ltd Ed Teddies). And loads in between.
If it has sat in a box for that long, Im obviously not going to use it!

And how do I finish a rather eclectic post like this?
By saying................................ I HAVE MY SALUTE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!
Cant wait for April now.

Im heading back to the pile of metal in the corner.
Hendybadger out


  1. See you at Salute, good update and spending.....

    1. Thanks.
      Looking forward to Salute. Wanted to go for years and there are so many people I would like to actually meet

  2. Great stuff. Nice job on the ship and I love Diamond Joe.

    1. The ships are going to be great fun to do.
      And Diamond Joe is such a stunning mini


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