Friday, 17 February 2012

New Channel 4 Show and *News Flash* on Pulp City TV

New show for Channel 4 on Pulp City TV

One Vamp and his Dog
Each week a vampire has to use his own canine familiar and herd Zeds through the busy streets of the residential district. 'some graphic violence'
Take a look at this weeks preview

**Channel 4 NEWS FLASH**

Giant robot spotted in Pulp City.
Thought to be hunting down Supremes.
A local office worker caught these grainy pics from the Necrocorp tower
More information as soon as we get our reporter June on the scene.


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  1. Did you get a 3rd Sentinel? I thought you had 2 newer style ones?

    1. Well, umm, err, yes!
      I spotted a pic online of all 3 and the original one was much bigger and more 'comic book'.
      The Monster rules are also going to have 3 different levels of Monster. It would be rude not to have a different model for each level now wouldnt it?

      Got amazingly lucky and picked it up new in box for a massively expensive 99p!

    2. Good grab. You are right. The new one is way better looking and comes nicely painted. I just felt honored since I posted mine in the FB group.

    3. Cant wait to use it in a game. Towers over all the other models

  2. Very nice. That giant robot is very cool. Lucky buy, too.

    1. They arnt too expensive even if you dont find a lucky auction.
      The MkII and MkV ones I have were £8 each. And I have found the one above for about £15


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